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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 42

Over the last few months, the town of Adamsville had experienced more than its share of changes, an influx of strangers and erosion of the status quo. No one felt the impact of the changes more intensely than the three friends who huddled together in their usual booth at the diner, deep in conversation over a forgotten basket of French fries and three cokes whose melting ice was turning them to caramel flavored water.

“I don’t know whether to believe Josh’s story or not.” Amy whispered. “It seems awfully bizarre. Maybe he was on drugs. Though by the look…and smell of him, I could almost believe he was abducted by aliens.”

“I know what you mean.” Mary chimed in. “Somehow, it makes more sense than a couple of goons dragging Mr. Adams into the old mine and chaining him to a wall.”

“What about the part where all the other people suddenly disappeared?” Paul added. “That was either a really bad trip or something Josh’s overactive imagination conjured up because he felt like we were abandoning him. Frankly, I can’t believe his imagination possesses so much creativity.”

Although the trio laughed nervously over Paul’s jest, they really didn’t see much to laugh about when the last time they saw their once strong, assertive, bossy friend he was babbling incoherently, and smelling like rotting sewage .

Mary tilted her head to the side; her expression pensive as she looked at Paul. “You have to admit, there were some weird things going on around the mine. If you remember, we got out of there fast when we nearly ran into those big goons on the quads.”

Amy’s head jerked up and...

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