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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2021 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 39

Kyra’s day was one interruption after another. After seeing Hightower’s name show up with such frequency when Ty’s anomaly theory was applied, she was anxious to follow the trail and see just how far it led. Unfortunately, it seemed like everyone was enjoying similar successes with their own investigations, and as a result, they all desperately needed Kyra to validate their findings. Being in charge of the tech team had its drawbacks. She’d have to add “minimize interruptions” to her growing To Do list. 

An image of an office with a door she could lock drifted past her mind’s eye only to explode into nothingness when Sasha and Mariel came storming into her cabin, excitement radiating off them like heat from a summer sidewalk. 

“Hey Kyra” Mariel cried cheerfully, completely oblivious to the fact Kyra was deeply engrossed in the two monitors she faced. “We need to run something by you.”

“OK.” Kyra answered without taking her eyes from the screens. She really wanted to continue chasing this anomaly. Trying to disguise her desire to get rid of the girls quickly, she reluctantly turned away from the abundance of data her latest search was yielding. Crossing her arms over her chest, she tried to use body language to let Sasha and Mariel know her attention was elsewhere. Focused on their news, they were oblivious to even the most overt signs. Mariel rushed on, her words tumbling over each other in her excitement over whatever it was they found so important, it blinded them to Kyra’s obvious preoccupation.

“We’ve learned someone has been polluting Adamsville’s energy center with their own energy and thought it might be a way to help identify who is behind this. But we ran into a snag. Just like matching the energy signature in the ley lines to the source in Adamsville, we realized we’d need something to match it to. Is there a way we can get energy signatures from all of the people on the list?”

Kyra’s desire to get rid of the girls and get on with her work faded as she pondered the implications of her friends’ discovery. Her eyes glazed over as she rested her chin in her palm and thought about Mariel’s question for a minute before replying.

 “Hmmm, I would think so, but I’m assuming you’re asking if it can be done without touching the person directly.”

“Exactly!” Mariel wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to contain her exuberance. She knew the full force of one of her hugs was likely to offend the girl who was more comfortable with computers than people most of the time. “We don’t need these guys figuring out what we’re up to right now. Not to mention, Tess and the parental units would have a coronary if they thought we were getting close enough to be detected.” She laughed at the mental picture of her parents’ horrified faces.

“I guess you’d just have to figure out what else they might have touched energetically. It would have to be something they severed the connection with once they were done.”

“Any ideas?” Sasha asked.

“Not at the moment, but I’ll give it some thought.” Kyra mentally added one mor...

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