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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 36

Amy, Mary and Paul sat in their usual spot in the center of the quad, eating lunch, and discussing Josh’s strange behavior.

“Has Josh lost his mind, or is he just doing drugs?” Paul wondered aloud.

Before anyone could offer possible answers to their questions Josh ran up to the table, his hair going in all directions, his clothes covered in something dark and sticky, and smelling like he’d been rolling around in raw sewage. 

“Omygod! You guys were right! Adams is crazy and he almost got me killed!”

“Uh, buddy,” Paul tried to speak while breathing through his mouth, “would you mind standing downwind? You’re ruining my lunch. You reek.”

Nodding in agreement, the girls held their hands over their noses. Unfortunately, it only made the smell stronger. They pushed the remains of their lunch aside and tried to keep what they’d already eaten from coming back up. 

Oblivious to the affect he was having on anyone unfortunate enough to be within a mile of him in his current state, Josh continued to babble. “…threw me in a cell. Everyone disappeared. Unlocked cell. Left Adams behind. They’re going to…”

Suddenly, a massive explosion rocked the school.

“What the?” Paul instinctively pulled Mary into a protective embrace. She gave him a half smile indicating she was OK, so he released her to stand on the table and scan the area.

 “I don’t see any smoke, so I don’t think it was too close to town, but if not, that was one gnarly explosion.”

Car alarms were squawking all over town, and the quad emptied as everyone scrambled to get away from the buildings, believing there’d been an earthquake.

 “I’ve been trying to tell you!” Josh screamed in frustration. “They’re blowing up the mine and Adams is still inside! Or was.” As images of his former mentor lying buried under tons of rock or blown into a million unrecognizable pieces filled his already half-crazed mind, Josh melted into the ...

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