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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 23

After Tess left, Sasha and Mariel sat on the bed like two shipwreck victims clinging to the only other survivor. 

“Does it seem like she’s expecting an awful lot from us?” Sasha finally asked.

“Yeah,” Mariel agreed. “Especially since nobody’s bothered to explain to us what our oh-so-amazing talents and abilities are supposed to allow us to do, or what we’re supposed to do with them!”

“So far, we don’t seem to be any more amazing than the rest of the kids.” Sasha observed wryly. “In fact, some of the others seemed to be mastering teleporting and stuff a lot better than we are.”

Without realizing it, the girls had switched back to communicating telepathically, unaware that the ease with which they’d mastered both telepathy and shielding outpaced all their classmates. In fact, they had already reached a level of proficiency many, including some of the Council members, never achieved. When did they start taking the skill for granted?

 Though she hadn’t mentioned it, Tess was grateful their teleportation skills were slower to develop. The last thing she needed right now was to have the girls spontaneously teleporting to their parents once the lines of communication opened between them.

According to Tess, their parents were counting on their telepathic abilities and familial connections to share information gathered during their stay in the mine with Tess and the Council.

“I wonder why Tess or one of the Council members can’t do this telepathy thing with our parents themselves?”

“I dunno.” Sasha tilted her head to the side, wearing an expression Mariel knew too well. Her friend would figure this out or find someone to badger until she had answers. They both needed to understand why communication with their parents was so important, or what threat drove their actions in the first place. Since the day Tess showed up on Sasha’s doorstep, they’d been asked to take it on faith she had their best interests at heart. But at least half of what she’d first told them had been lies. Their own parents had lied to them. Who besides each other could they even trust?

Sasha and Mariel weren’t alone in having their heads filled with questions no one seemed ready or able to answer. All the untrained teenagers Tess and her...

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