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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 22

For the last couple of days, Phil had been probing the weakening communication blocks in an effort to trace them to the source. What he’d discovered so far disturbed him on a number of levels. 

The blocks definitely originated from a source outside the town of Adamsville and, in fact, were keeping the townspeople in the dark as much or more than they were hiding the true nature of the mine’s current use from the rest of the world. The locals who owned the mine were simply another pawn in a much larger game. He had yet to discover the real purpose for occupying the mine. 

What he did know now was using it as a prison for Star Guides or anyone else who could be a threat was secondary to the occupation of this particular mine. The thin veins of gold still remaining after years of working the mine were no small part of the mine’s usefulness. Electricity wasn’t the only energy source which gold conducted well.

The ley lines in this area were quite strong, and it wouldn’t take a Master to amplify the energy in the ley lines using the gold veins in the mine. The question was, what were they trying to accomplish? He was fairly certain blocking the Transition was, to these people, simply the handling of a minor inconvenience which obstructed their actual purpose.

He and his team could only do so much while maintaining the illusion they were truly being held against their will. Given the weakening of the communication blocks, they needed the resources of the other Star Guides and Guardians in the area if they wanted to get into the inner workings of a well-organized military operation. It was imperative, however, that they not shatter the illusion too soon.

Despite the lack of formal training, he knew the easiest person to contact on the outside would be his daughter, Sasha. His only concern lay in the fact he’d left it to Tess to find the right time and place to tell Sasha the truth about her parents’ disappearance. Unfortunately, with communication opening up and other shields weakening, the likelihood their captors’ true purpose was coming closer to execution meant time was at a premium. He’d have to take his chances Sasha was ready, and work through any personal fallout when he saw her face-to-face.

Though he had no way of knowing how weak the blocks had become, how far he’d be able to reach out to find Sasha, nor whether Tess had had time to prepare her to be their link, Phil knew he didn’t have the luxury of waiting until everything was perfectly aligned.

Gently touching his wife’s mind, he said “It’s time.” Needing no further explanation, Barbara linked her mind with his as they reached out to their daughter. Phil made sure they had enough shielding in place to protect even the most untamed Talents.

*   *    * 

Sasha and Mariel sat on Mariel’s cot, wearing identical looks of amazement as Tess shared a less dramatic version of what she had recently shared with the Council. Thankfully, the girls’ minds weren’t frozen in time by the Council’s edicts as their education had been. Working with two girls whose minds were open to almost anything, especially given the upheaval their lives had taken in the last few weeks meant valuable time wasn’t wasted on explanations. By now, little would surprise either Sasha or Mariel and nearly everything fell within their realm of possibility.

A few minutes earlier, Tess had joined the girls in their cabin saying only “we need to talk.”  

The ominous sound of her words was sufficient to end their playful practice session consisting of teleporting themselves and random small objects around the room. Prefacing what she had to tell them with “The first thing you need to know is your parents are safe” brought looks of relief and some release of the tension Tess had felt wafting off of both girls with her first words. Ruefully, she realized some of Sebastian’s tactlessness and clumsiness were starting to rub off on her.

“Your parents entrusted me with a lot of responsibility, not the least of which was the safety of their most precious possessions, their daughters.”

Sasha interrupted to ask “but I thought you were only protecting me! You didn’t even know Mariel would show up!”

Tess tried, but failed to keep a smug smile from her face.

“I certainly did know she was coming, just not exact...

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