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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 21

Paul and Mary sat at a table in the town’s library, poring over copies of old newspapers, searching for a tangible connection between Josh’s family and Mr. Adams. 

Paul’s excited “Hey, Mary, look at this!” earned him an irritated “shhhh!” from the elderly librarian whose lurking presence promised unspeakable consequences for anyone who dared damage one of her precious documents. Her creased face folded into a perpetual frown failed to dampen Paul’s enthusiasm.

Getting up to look over his shoulder, Mary read the caption below the picture aloud, “Citing decreasing levels of ore which could no longer support production costs, mine owners, George Adams and Harvey Wilson announced they would be closing their gold mine as of December 6. They expressed their regret at the painful but necessary decision even though it would put hundreds of people out of work.”

“Wasn’t Harvey Wilson Josh’s great grandfather or something?” Mary whispered.

“That’s easy enough to check!” Paul walked over to talk to the librarian and returned with a book containing over 200 years of family history in Adamsville and the surrounding area. 

“Look! Not only was he Josh’s great grandpa, he was married to George Adams’ sister! I believe we’ve found our connection! It looks like we need to look further into that abandoned mine!”

Returning the book and newspapers to the librarian, they covered the scarred wooden table with books about the local mines. They learned the mine still belonged to the two families, so they looked for information about more recent use of the property. They were disappointed to find, with the exception of a ...

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