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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 18

“Would you stop that?” Mariel snapped as Sasha once again disappeared, only to reappear barely a foot in front of her. “Just because you’ve already got teleporting yourself does not mean you have to toss it in my face!” To herself she added “literally” but left the word unspoken.

“I’m not throwing it in your face, Mariel.” Sasha replied. “I’m encouraging you to practice so you’ll get it too. I like studying with you, and if I get too far ahead, they might put us in different groups.”

“Yeah, yeah” Mariel groused while teleporting a rain of small pebbles over Sasha’s head.

“Hey!” A laughing Sasha dove through the curtained doorway of their tented room to avoid the minor pelting. “I give! You’re better at moving other stuff than I am. Guess we both have some practicing to do.”

As one, the girls tilted their heads to the side for a moment, then answered the silent summons by heading for the mess hall. The one skill they and their fellow students had all mastered quickly was the telepathy Tess had rather unnervingly introduced to them when she first arrived to redirect Sasha’s and Mariel’s lives. Lessons in telepathy and shielding had been taught simultaneously since the first necessitated the second. It only took a couple of examples of how a person’s unshielded thoughts could be misused to encourage the students to master the skill. Their instructors had been all too happy to provide realistic demonstrations. The painful headaches the students experienced were more than enough encouragement to learn that particular lesson in record time. Nobody wanted to carry the burden of having caused harm to one of their own by leaving their mental door open for unscrupulous minds to plunder, any more than they wanted to experience the excruciating pain of leaving themselves vulnerable to a mental...

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