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from Sasha's Journey by Sheri Conaway

Copyright © 2014–2020 Sheri Conaway

Chapter 7

“Did you see the look she gave me?” Amy shivered, remembering Sasha’s glare when she picked herself up after Josh helped her face plant.

 “Just be glad she doesn’t have powers like that girl in ‘Carrie’.” 

Josh gave his solid wall of chest muscles an admiring glance and laughed at the picture Mary’s statement provoked. 

“Are you sure she doesn’t? Could you just see her slamming me up against a wall?”

Josh pounded the table, enjoying his own wit, causing everyone in the diner to look their way.

“Or maybe she’d let out a high-pitched scream and shatter the windows.” Amy suggested. She tilted her head and her eyes lost focus as she pictured herself hitting a high note and shattering a wine glass. She lost herself in an image of life after Show Choir where she stood on stage in a sequined costume before thousands of screaming fans.

“I think we’ve done enough.” Josh’s self-congratulatory cacophony died with Paul’s words.  His attention on Mary, Paul failed to notice the sudden silence until he was yanked from his chair to stand inches from a twisted red face he barely recognized, flinging spittle with every expletive it spewed. Paul knew better than to show Josh any sign of weakness, so he let his face go slack, then frowned at the five large bruises beginning to blossom on his left arm.

“Nice grip, Josh. Guess you’ve been working out, but I could do without the shower.”

Josh’s violent shove sent him careening into another table which had been hastily vacated when Josh yanked Paul from his chair. Many had learned the hard way to steer clear when Josh was in a rage. Those students who hadn’t made it to the door were huddled against the walls, ready to duck any furniture or glassware Josh opted to fling.

“You goin’ chicken on us, Paulie?” Josh released Paul's shirt to tuck his hands in his armpits and flap his elbows as he danced around the upended table squawking.

“If I were, I’d be cowering in the corners like the rest of your fans.” Paul’s half smile as he looked Josh up and down stoked his rage until he could do little more than sputter incoherently.

“Since you’re having a little trouble with your words, maybe you’ll let me explain.”

Accepting Josh’s spittle-laced squeaks and groans as assent, Paul continued. &ldqu...

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