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Shadows Rise: a Shadow Play prequel
by Jordyn Jacobs

Terror grips the skies and only sibling spies, Sarah and Elijah Yadin can stop it. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

JFK International Airport, NYC 1900 EST

Every pass through airport security was another victory. Israeli intelligence officer Sarah Yadin tucked her American passport bearing the name Emily Rosenberg back into her carry-on bag and slipped through the line at JFK with a smile at transport security. She hung the leather bag back over her bare shoulder and stepped away from the line, pushing up the sleeves of her drooping sweater. Snow drifted in fairy spirals against the glass face of the El Al depar...

Chapter 2

JFK International Airport

1900 EST

Elijah's ears rang like air raid sirens. Sarah pushed up at his chest. It was good to be near her again. He blinked ash and snow out of blurry vision.

The woman with the flowered scarf had turned and walked away from the gate. She’d been in line beside him. While he’d been hounded, she’d passed through virtually unhindered-probably because she wore her hijab around her neck like a common scarf. She’d rolled a pink-trimmed suitca...

Chapter 3

JFK International Airport

1930 EST

He’d been a beat cop the morning the Towers fell, fresh from training, and still wet behind the ears—despite the fact that he was the fifth generation in his family to serve with the NYPD. The very next morning, he was a veteran. Detective Liam Hanlon, Manhattan Major Case, shifted the collar of his wool coat to shield his ears from the biting wind and took a sip of scalding coffee. He’d just sat down to a late dinner when the call came thr...

Chapter 4

JFK International Airport

1930 EST

They had prearranged phrases and body language that they’d rehearsed since childhood. Growing up the children of spies, it was almost inevitable their play would become their profession. But this wasn’t a game of spy vs spy on the rocky shoreline of Galilee, and the guns involved didn’t shoot water. Sarah sat down on the floor against the polished wood wall and drew her knees up to her chin. At least sixteen terrorists by his count...

Chapter 5

JFK International Airport

2000 EST

Elijah helped Sarah drag the unconscious general to a part of the room separate from most of the other passengers. He ignored the roaming former IDF officer as he helped Sarah triage. Keeping him busy was the right move, and anyone like him.

Sarah ripped open the general’s light blue air force uniform shirt and applied pressure to the oozing hole in her shoulder.

The woman startled to life, pushing them away. “Get off me.”

Chapter 6

Tel Aviv

2000 EST/0300 Israel

Good news never came at three in the morning. Avner Yadin pushed through the doors to the executive suite in the new headquarters. It would always be the new HQ to his Cold War sensibilities. He missed the anonymous office block on King Saul Boulevard and the invisibility it provided. However, he wasn’t invisible anymore. Now he sat as one of the two chiefs of Israeli intelligence, officially known as the Mossad, with the entourage and heart problems to mat...

Chapter 7

JFK International Airport

2030 EST

Sarah eased her fingers into her brother’s dark curls and pulled his forehead to hers. His heart raced under her palm. “Shh, achi. Nahnu beseder.

Elijah let out a long breath. “Forgive me?”

Sarah brushed her lips against the light stubble on his cheeks and smiled. There’s nothing to forgive. Now, how do we want to play this?”

Elijah straightened his shoulders and bent to rife through the d...

Chapter 8

JFK International Airport

2030 EST

Elijah held the dirty rag to his forehead and fought back the nausea while Talib tore into his men in a verbal tirade.

“She was just a little girl!” Talib pointed the barrel of his gun at Elijah’s head.

Eli raised the hand not holding the rag. “Dimitri wanted to have some fun. I told him it was a bad idea, but she rubbed him the wrong way. The moment he closed the door, it was like she was possessed. It happened so fast.&r...

Chapter 9

JFK International Airport

2100 EST

Sarah placed her palm against the vibrating metal. They’d used a tapping code to hide from Levi when they were younger. Eli would tap on his wall and Sarah would open her window. Eli would climb out onto the branches of the old sycamore and over to her room. Levi didn’t look for him in there except on one occasion where he’d discovered him hiding under her covers. She was seventeen. It was the night everything went wrong. The night Levi alm...

Chapter 10

JFK International Airport

2130 EST

Tomer continued Emily’s mission. The terrorists had dragged her off a full hour before and neither of them had returned. Guilt tossed about in his stomach like a ship in a storm. He should have fought, but he’d frozen just before the boot hit his gut. It wasn’t an excuse. Emily probably hadn’t survived whatever Hell the two jihadis put her through. He was nothing but a coward.

He bent and checked the bandage on the Air Force gen...

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