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from It Is Over by Marcus M. McGrew (MMM)

Copyright © 2019–2020 Marcus M. McGrew (MMM)

Do some damn research

The average president of these institutions so damn busy

out making fund raising pitches and keeping his finger in

somebody’s eye and so damn scared of that board of directors

now that’s where the problem comes from on the colleges

is that board of directors. You want to have

some fun, you write down the names of every college in

America and then do some research and look up all the board

of directors in America and you will find out that 98- per cent

of them is the cause of the problems all over the world and

the only thing that qualified them to be on the board of

directors is the fact they made some money and nobody even

asked them how they made it. Look at the

ROCKEFELLER family. How many college boards and university

boards of directors they are? Can you imagine ROCKEFELLER

is going to tell you young kids how. you suppose to mold

your life when it wasn’t for his damn Chase Manhattan Banks

them black brothers in South Africa could breathe a breath of

fresh air and if it wasn’t for that damn standard oil the

whole continent in South: America could get free and that

slick, slimy,, degenerate ROCKEFELLER family going to tell.

You youngsters how you suppose to pattern your life,

is that a disgrace? You got a big job and that’s what

black folks is talking about in this country today.-

Let me say to you tonight that black folks in America

do not hate white folks, course you got some niggers


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