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from Never Judge A Book By Its Cover by VirgoWriter20

Copyright © 2020–2021 VirgoWriter20

Chapter 1

Be Careful of What You Ask For..


I remember as a kid we all couldn’t wait to be grown. To our friends we talked about what we would do, who’d we become and how we would be in personality as moms and wives and usually after we were chastised by the elders in our family and put on punishments I can remember crying and sobbing and mumbling under my breath that “I couldn’t wait to be grown” and in my mind I couldn’t wait to be grown so that I could do things how and when I wanted to do them. And often I was told by our grandmother and other elders in my family that how much we weren’t grown and how when we become grown we will wish that we were kids again and in growing and becoming an adult that very saying came to be very true and it has been felt and wished upon by lots of adults that I’ve personally known and probably to some ones that I don’t even personally know.


I can recall being so excited about my very first apartment away from my Grandmothers home which is the house that I grew up on as well..I was so exited and was going to have my friends over and we would party every night to me I had worked so hard just to move out and did whatever I thought I needed to so I could finally leave the birds nest for the first time..My Granny told me that I may feel a lil different once the bills came I might not be so happy and joyful with the responsibities being soley on me being out on my own..I pridefully told her that I would be fine and continued to make moves to move and you know what I actually did..I was so happy my first night there I had no furniture but I didn’t care..I had food and I was out the house and away from so many things and people who annoyed me..I was the tender age of 18 when this happened and I just knew that I would be alright and would make it..Speeding it up a lil..um I had my first apartment at 18 years old and I actually made it on my own for like 4 months and had to relocate back into my grandmothers home and she loved me and we truly had a bond like friends so she let me b...

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