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  from The One by Devin Thames

The Beginning

This story is not the Powers Rangers. We were not superheros, or anything just as cool. We were just high school students, and in my opinion, we were screwed over. But again, that's my opinion, the others might have a different view. But heck, this isn't there story, it's mine.

I stood waiting in front of the school waiting for someone to appear. I glance at the different groups of students bundled with their friends. "I wonder who would win a fight between them?" I said aloud as I watched the football players and the wrestlers ague over something probably stupid. "If who would win what?' "AAHH!" I jumped and quickly looked to who had spoken. Standing behind me was one of my best friends, Brytni. "Don't do that" I gasped, clutching my chest. "Sorry" she giggled as she pulled her hair from under her jacket. Today it was like a fuchsia purple color. "Anywho, who would win what?" "The football players and the wrestlers, who do you think would win in a fight?" I asked her as I picked up my bag and started walking to our first period class. "Why does it matter?" she asked as she pulled out a compact mirror. "Do I have any blood on my mouth?" she asked as she checked her face. "Your looking into a mirror, can't you answer that yourself. Wait, your a vampire, aren't you not supposed to have a reflection?" She quickly glared at me. If looks could kill her light blue eyes would have killed me. "First, you know I have a reflection, it's just blury sometimes and second, I just wanted your opinion" Brytni said as she put the mirror back in her bag.

"Hey did you guys here the good news" my other friend, Lydia, said popping up in front of me. "Look here wolf-girl, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Fangs, stop sneaking up on me. My poor heart can't take it" I said after I calmed down. "Well maybe if you didn't scary so easily we wouldn't sneak up on you. And I was standing in front of you, you just weren't ...

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