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The Fall of Darkholm
by Taren Elle

In a world where vampires and humans coexist, after the taste of a rare human's blood, Gideon Darkholm must muster the strength to stave off his bloodlust and prevent his digression into the monster he hates the most. "Sounds interesting!"


Our days of isolation from the human world were over. By choice, the humans were evolving forcing us to evolve with them. It turn they made us out to be these monstrous creatures that thrived on their blood. We live and breathe just as ...

Chapter 1
Present Day: 2183 A.D.

100 years after the war 

Gideon’s heavy boots pounded down the frozen Washington, D.C. alleyway after the Dreg he’d just finished beating the shit out of.  His breath sawed in and out in the frigid air.  The bastard coul...

Chapter 2

The scent of sweat, sex, and adrenaline permeated the air. The loud electronic music pulsed through the throng of writhing bodies. Gideon leaned against the stone laden wall in the back of the crowded club. Sylvan stood n...

Chapter 3
Work in Progress

(Work in progress)

Nora awoke with a start — her body jolting into a seated position. There was no grogginess as was customary after a night of giving into the Blood Fever. There was no searing pain at her neck. No full body ache. No sweat soaked sheets. She felt absolutely n...

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