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from The Kiss by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2020–2021 Shirley Holder Platt

Resorting to Murder

Bill has been cornered at the conference for writers. The anxious man handing him the script is sweating. Bill doesn't have the heart to say no. He sits and begins to read as the writer hovers.

Opening Scene in a car with 4 people, one older woman driving, a young woman in passenger seat, and two men in back seat of a posh vehicle. The car allows you to have individual areas for sound. Man on left side refuses to adjust his music to his area, so they all have to hear it. He’s selfish and they are annoyed, but he gets away with it.

The woman drives through small towns and lots of woods. The selfish man complains that she is taking the long way and is certain they’d have made it faster using the freeway. The others are trying to enjoy the scenery. They go through a town that is picturesque and all but the man love seeing it. They cross a bridge over a large river and see boats of different sizes and on the other side is a town of homes of obviously prosperous upper middle class people. The yards are about half acres, the style is tasteful. The selfish man is bored out of his gourd so makes fun of how the other half lives. His siblings aren’t happy with him. He’s ruining the drive.

They arrive at a classy resort for the ostentatiously rich and check into a suite. Each of the siblings has a room and they share a living area. The mom has her own suite adjacent. They change for dinner and go down to the restaurant. All the people are dressed to the nines. The selfish man isn’t satisfied with the menu even though it is fabulous. His siblings roll their eyes at him, but they’re used to his antics. The younger brother is amiable and smooths things over when his selfish sibling upsets strangers, waiters, servers, etc. We like the younger brother. The sister is the narrator, so we’re experiencing all of this through her eyes and filter. The grounds are extensive and there are peacocks, fountains, a pool, gardens to stroll through. It’s in the mountains and the roar of the river is background noise as it borders the property. Night fal...

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