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from Return to Sandy Shores by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2021 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 26 - Trent

Tessa and I lost the fight with Dad about golf, so I convinced him to let me play with him and his buddies. We all met at the clubhouse in time for breakfast. The hostess nodded as Dad and I passed her podium. I followed as Dad headed to a table with two gray haired guys deep in conversation. When they saw us, they barely looked up.

“Is that you, Mr. Sandoval?” I asked.

He stopped his conversation to check me out.

“This your boy?” he asked Dad.

“Yeah, he’s our fourth today.”

“You can’t be Trent. Trent’s a teenager with acne.” Mr. Sandoval laughed and looked at Dad and the other guy like he was waiting for their responses.

“I never had acne,” I said. I stuck my hand out and shook with the old guy. I turned to the other one and did the same. “Trent,” I said.

“Call me Mack.”

“OK, Nice to meet you Mack.” I sat, unfolded the napkin and laid it in my lap. “What’s good for breakfast?” I asked.

“All the stuff I can’t eat anymore,” Mr. Sandoval said. “You should get bacon. It’s thick and crisp here. If the wife finds out I order it, I’m in the doghouse for a week.”

“Sounds like she cares about you,” I said.

A waitress brought water for Dad and me.

“She’s taking all the fun out of my life,” Sandoval said. “Remember the time your school had that father/son game? You and Trey here, at this he indicated my dad, made a foursome with me and Manny. I played one of my best games that day. Manny, on the other hand, couldn’t hit the ball of the tee. He still refuses to play. Says tennis is his game.”

“I remember being worse than Manny. It was good of you to put up with us, Mr. Sandoval.”

“Call me Sandy. Everybody else does.” He drank some orange juice.

The same waitress from before took our orders. We talked about the old days. Sandy caught me up on Manny’s life. I learned about Mack’s rheumatism giving him trouble with his knees. Dad brought the guys up on Mom’s condition and bragged about me and Tessa coming down to visit. When we were satiated, we made our way to the course. While Dad teed off, I pumped Sandy and Mack for information. They shook their heads and agreed that he shouldn’t be playing in the heat, but neither were going to say that to him. I wouldn’t get any help from that quarter.

“Manny’s got two kids. Cutest little girls you’ll ever see,” Sandy said as Mack took out his driver and got into position. “You married yet? Got a...

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