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from Return to Sandy Shores by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2021 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 6 - Trent

It was my last week at work. I’d hoped for a slow day, but that wasn’t happening. The clinic was full to capacity. I’d performed surgery on a rottweiler in the morning, and he was sleeping it off in the back. His owner had called a total of twelve times according to Deidre, our receptionist. The girl was barely old enough to work, but she’d lived as many lives as an alley cat with bad luck. She took too many smoke breaks, but she was hell on the computer, and the pet owners seemed to like her, so she was still working after the initial trial period Frank had insisted upon. She had been angling for a date with me, but so far I’d been able to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. I overheard her talking to Nia about me one day and made a point of being in a different room from her any time I could.

My gang was taking me out to dinner as a send-off. Cliff, who’d been my room-mate at Texas A&M during my undergraduate days, his brother, Michael, Sherry, Michael’s current girlfriend, and Bailey, who had been ga-ga for Cliff since I’d known her would be there. I was looking forward to seeing them all. It would be different once I moved. I knew we’d drift apart and it made me angry at my dad all over again.

“What did you say?” I blinked at the woman standing across from me with the ugliest dog I’d ever seen in her arms.

“I said that I hope you can help Pepe. He’s been throwing up all day long. I’m afraid he’ll get dehydrated.”

“Can you set him down?” I patted the counter top between us. I asked some routine questions.

“No, I haven’t changed his food. He’s always eaten canned food I get at WalMart.”

“Do you have other dogs?”

“Oh yes. I have several, plus four cats.” She bl...

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