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from Return to Sandy Shores by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2021 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 4 - Trent

Killer growled at me from the starboard window as I walked down the dock. I waved to Mr. Winkler, who polished the teak on his boat with a loving hand I was sure his wife envied. He raised his head in acknowledgement and Mrs. Winkler raised her ever-present margarita glass to me. Maybe if she’d put down the tequila, Mr. Winkler would put down the polishing rag. But who was I to judge? Janine had laughed at me when I told her I quit drinking. We’d been fighting like cats and dogs, and I was sure our alcohol intake was partly to blame. After I quit drinking, Janine wasn’t much fun anymore. She got sloppy drunk and fell into the water more than once. I was afraid she’d drown one day and said so. She put her hackles up and the fight that ensued was not pretty. I remember her unsteady walk as she made her way down the dock that last time. I’d called a cab for her, but never knew if she took it. Her car was gone the next day when I got up for work.

I unlocked the cabin and Killer meowed at me. He liked his food delivered on time, and I...

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