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from Return to Sandy Shores by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2021 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 2 - Trent

The rain came down so fast that my wipers couldn’t keep up. I pulled into the closest parking lot to get out of the rising water. It was a PetSmart. As if working in a veterinarian clinic all day wasn’t enough, I’d happened into more animals. Good thing I loved ‘em. After standing on my feet for ten hours, all I wanted was to get home to my cat. He was a big tom I rescued recently, and I wondered how the thunderstorm was affecting him. If he killed the basil plant I’d been babying along, I might have to put him up for adoption. He seemed to be getting used to life on board the boat, though. And how many cats are willing to live on water? The rain let up slightly.

A woman pulled into the parking space beside my car and darted toward the store. Her umbrella was broken and she was losing the fight against the wind. Her trousers were wet up to her kneecaps and the pale blue silk blouse was plastered to some perky breasts that made my pants tighten. She wrestled with the door and then the umbrella, finally making it inside. I smiled and decided I needed some cat food, even though I’d bought a new bag for Killer that morning at the clinic. I grabbed my golf umbrella from the back seat and followed the curvy redhead into the store.

Not wanting to give myself away as the stalker I was being, I grabbed a cart and rolled it to the cat food aisle. Catnip for Killer and a bag of Hill’s Science Diet firmly in place, I began pushing the cart through the aisles in search of the woman I’d seen. I made my way through most of the store, pausing to check on the cats and dogs at the front, to make sure they were being cared for properly. I’d almost given up hope, when I turned the corner to go back down the cat food aisle and ran smack d...

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