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from Wolcott Rocks by Robert Albert

Chapter 1
Room 202

 Room 202

 Sue Murdock watched from her desk at Wolcott High School as each student in her class stopped to hand in his Algebra quiz results before leaving school for the day. Tom Diorite winked at her and smiled as he dropped his test onto her desk, turned, and walked out of the classroom. Sue turned her head to look at him and follow him visually, seemingly hypnotized by his perfect image of masculinity. A few more students dropped off their test papers, and then Mary Dolman approached the desk. Mary, short and stocky, looked intently at Sue, who fixated at the final image of Tom turning in the hallway. Mary looked back at Sue still watching Tom, and said quietly, “Ms. Murdock, he is big trouble!”

Tom played on the varsity baseball team, the varsity basketball team, and ran cross-country. His good looks and popularity made him one of the top targets of the school girls.Startled, Sue looked back quickly at Mary, and said, “Who is big trouble?”

Mary shaking her head said, “Never mind,” and walked away quickly.

Sue said, “Mary, wait a minute. Tell me about the quiz. How do you think you did? I know you’ve had trouble and I want to help.”

Mary turned smiling, “I think I really improved. Thank’s so much for all of you help in the past. I will not hesitate to seek your help if I get lost again. You certainly have made a better mathematician out of me, alre...

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