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Wolcott Rocks
by Robert Albert

Chapter 1
Room 202

 Room 202

 Sue Murdock watched from her desk at Wolcott High School as each student in her class stopped to hand in his Algebra quiz results before leaving school for the day. Tom Diorite winked at her and smiled as he dropped his test onto her desk, turned, and walked out of the classroom. Sue turned her head to look at him and follow him visually, seemingly hypnotized by his perfect image of masculinity. A few more students dropped off their test papers, and th...

Chapter 2
The Crash Site

Chapter 2 - The Crash Site

The quiet forest evaporated into screaming sirens as police and emergency vehicles approached from three directions. Non-emergency traffic stopped wherever it could on one side of the road or off the road, wherever the frightened drivers thought would keep them out of the way and harm.

The smell of burning fabric, rubber, plastic, wood, and human flesh, fueled by gasoline permeated the area making some observers sick. Sue Murdock’s re...

Chapter 3
The Lady Bug

Chapter 3 - The Lady Bug

Still at the crash scene with Jake Anderson, Tom said, “Let me call her.” Tom dialed Sue’s number, and the “William Tell Overture” began to play somewhere in the brush nearby. Everyone, stunned by the ringtone, began searching for a cell phone. Police officer Romero Kennedy directing traffic heard and found the phone in the grass just off the intersection of Munson and Coe Road. He put rubber gloves on, picked it up, a...

Chapter 4
Mary’s Production Line

Chapter 4 - Mary’s Production Line

 Mary Dolman rode the school bus to her home off Wolf Hill Road on the west side of Scoville’s pond. Mary, overweight, awkwardly exited the bus across from the street that led to her house. As she stepped off the bus, she heard a crash to her north and soon after saw smoke rise into the clear blue sky. The bus driver waited to leave until she crossed the Wolf Hill Road and began walking up the street leading to her house.

  Having ...

Chapter 5
The Follower

Chapter 5 - The Follower

The excitement showed in Follower’s face. Follower’s eyes opened wider as it got closer to the figure of an individual two-hundred yards in front of it. Someone on a bicycle approached from behind it and Follower slithered into the bushes to be unseen. The bike and rider went by with the rider showing a questioning look around the place where Follower seemingly disappeared. After bike and rider turned a corner, Follower came out again w...

Chapter 6
The Analysis

Chapter 6 - The Analysis

Jake Anderson led Jim Price to Sue Murdock’s wreck, now kept at the police storage facility near Frisbie Grammar School. Forensic specialists had carefully removed Sue's remains and now struggled to account for all the of the remains so they could assemble them, like a puzzle, and finish with a complete human skeleton. This situation did not surprise anyone considering the explosion and wreck that sent Sue into whatever oblivion existed after...

Chapter 7
Jason Smith

Chapter 7 - Jason Smith

Ten years ago, at age 13, Jason Smith had become paralyzed from his waist down during an automobile accident that killed his mother and father. The insurance money had set Jason up in an apartment for the disabled. Jason used the ten years to finish high school equivalency and earn a master’s degree in electronic engineering. During the ten years, he perfected his highly functional wheelchair. 

Jason used his wheelchair on the Mill ...

Chapter 8
A Merger

Chapter 8 - A Merger

Mary Dolman woke up in the middle of the forest on her back looking up at treetops and said to no one in particular, “The last thing I remember, placing a ladybug rock on the Mill Pond Trail, seems to be in the distant past! Where am I?”

A big man with shoulders the size of fire hydrants walked up to her and looked down into her eyes. The man had a tote bag hanging over one shoulder....

Chapter 9
Interrogation Tom Diorite

Tom Diorite walked into the Wolcott police station wearing shorts that revealed his muscular legs, a tank top that revealed his muscular arms, and a smile that could turn a woman into a lover and had many times. He had an appointment to talk to Detective Jake Anderson about his involvement with the crash victim Sue Murdock.

The warm reception that the thirty-something receptionist gave Tom proved that his smile worked. “May I help you, sir?”

Tom said, “Sure, I’m here t...

Chapter 10
Two Plus Two

Chapter 10 - Two Plus Two

Tom walked out and Jake’s partner, Janet Trent, walked in making sure Tom didn’t see her. 

Jake spoke first, “What did you find in her house?”

Janet replied, “We found a great deal. First, we found videos taken from a hidden camera of the two of them before, during, and after they got to know every detail of each other. The interesting th...

Chapter 11
Mack Simpson's House

Chapter 11 - Mack Simpson’s House

Mack Simpson led Mary Dolman to three large trees very close to where Mary had phoned her mother and arranged to meet her at Mack’s house. The three large tree trunks formed an equilateral triangle with each side being around six feet. Mary looked up when Mack led her into the middle of the three trees and could see that from above this would look like one tree. As she began to look down the ground began to descend slowly out f...

Chapter 12
Chapter 12 - Mary’s Mom

Chapter 12 - Mary’s Mom


Mack had given Mary who gave to her Mom, Ann Dolman, the address of 120 Coe Road, Wolcott, CT. 

Ann called the police station. After a bit of confusion, she ended up talking to Janet Trent’s answering machine. 

Ann’a message was, “Janet, I knew from all of the local news, that Coe road has been the site of a mysterious and fatal automobile accident. My daughter asked me to meet her at the address of 120 Coe Road usin...

Chapter 13
The LBRs

Chapter 13 - LBRs

Sarah Frank, a brain surgeon, smiling as she walked lively down the hall, Sarah seemed happy. 

A male doctor jogged to catch up with her. Slim and trim and handsome with an iron melting smile, he said, “Sarah, wait.”  

Sarah stopped and turned back to him. “Wyatt, what’s up?”

Wyatt responded, “Sarah, what a wonderful life-saving heart operation you performed back there. I’m glad I got to assist!”


Chapter 14
The Mansion

Chapter 14 - Mansion

Jake, Janet, and the police backup started to enter what they thought was a trap door between the tight cluster of three trees, where Mary Dolman had entered.

Jake said, “How the hell do we get into this trap door? I’ve tried prying it and can get nowhere.”

Janet said, “We’re ready to blow the thing Captain. Do you want us to proceed?”

Jake said, “What if Mary is simply buried under that platform?”

Janet sa...

Chapter 15
The Party

Chapter 15 - The Party

A section of chairs had been set up facing a stage where wedding ceremony would be taking place. Now, Soren instructed everyone to take a seat. 

Janet pulled Jake aside, “Jake, nothing about this makes any sense. This Soren guy is so bizarre looking I can’t stomach him for more than a glance. Is he an alien? Now, all of a sudden, one of our high school seniors, Mary Dolman, has been transformed to look like him, an ugly alien character. And it has been ...

Chapter 16
The Interrogation

Chapter 16 - The Interrogation

In the police station interrogation room sat Sue Murdock at the table with Janet Trent. Jake Anderson paced the floor continually circling the table.

Jake said, “I don’t know what to charge you with. There must be something. Who knew besides yourself that this whole thing was staged, including your death?”

Sue replied, “Nothing has been staged. It all really happened. The difference on Halloween is that all that happens can be tempo...

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