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  from Pursuit of Darkness: Unearthing Sarkoczy by Kasey Hill

Chapter 1

“Thank you for your purchase,” the cashier said handing a bag to a young blonde female.

“No, thank you! My mother is going to love this purse! It’s so chic!” the girl replied dropping the bag into her larger carrying bag. “I promised I would bring her something back that was stylish and had the New Orleans feel to it.”

“Aww, that’s sweet. I hope you come back for something for yourself,” the cashier replied as the girl walked to the door. “And be safe out there! It’s late and these aren’t the safest streets to be on at this hour.”

The girl nodded and opened the door to the shop stepping out into the crisp October air. She made her way from the front of the store taking a picture of her and the storefront sign, Chenal D’Espirites, and looked up and down the street. She had no clue how to get back to Hotel Saint Marie, but knew the direction it was in. So bag in hand, she made her way to the side of the shop and decided to take the alley as opposed to walking down Dumaine Street to Bourbon Street. It was quiet in the alleyway and it made her nervous, but she pushed forth into the dark to cut across to St. Ann Street.

The French Quarter was dead considering it was only 10 pm. She had expected more crowds to be trailing on the streets, which would have made her feel calmer. She shouldered her purse and tightened her jacket around her body as she hustled through the alley. A scraping metal sound resounded echoing in between the buildings and she jerked her head around to see where it originated. She scanned the alley squinting to adjust to the lack of light. She didn’t see anything, so shrugged her shoulders, and proceeded on.

She picked up the sound of walking behind her, which shot panic through her. Whenever she would stop walking, the sound stopped as well. She picked back up walking and the other set of steps became louder and closer. She started to speed walk and the steps still came closer. She took off in a full sprint. She was terrified, but a moment of courage took over and she whirled around to face her attacker with pepper spray in hand. The alley was empty behind her. She laughed at herself for being so ridiculous. She pocketed her pepper spray and turned back in the direction she had been running.

Standing before her was a young man around six foot tall. He had shoulder length hair and the palest blue eyes she had ever seen. His face called to her and drew her in. She inched closer to him as he stood staring at her. She was inches away from him when he smiled at her and she saw a glint in the slight light that filtered into the alley. She turned and screamed, but her scream was muffled by his hand around her mouth. He dragged her to the dark shadow of the looming building.

“Quiet now, pretty,” he whispered into her ear. He leaned in and sniffed her neck. “Mmm, the smell of fear always makes me thirsty,” he said as he leaned in and bit her neck.

It only took a small amount of blood loss to make the young girl pass out. The young man picked up the girl and tossed her over his shoulder.

“Felix, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food,” a voice from the dark rang out.

“Didn’t yours tell you not to interrupt a vampire feeding, Matyas,” Felix grumbled through his gritted teeth.

“Yes, but you were done,” Matyas sneered. “Fergas calls for your presence back at the manor.”

“Tell Fergas I’m busy hunting for not only my food but for the entire clan’s food. Whatever it is, he can wait,” Felix replied as he walked to a hidden car in the alley. He popped the trunk open and lay the girl down beside a couple of other bodies. “Besides, he wouldn’t want to include me in tonight’s meeting. We have had… another disagreement on his rule, and I intend to have him removed from the throne.” Felix slammed the trunk shut.

“Mind your words, Brother. You know ears are everywhere,” Matyas said as he waved his hand to the rooftop.

A silhouette disappeared into the darkness just as Felix looked. “So be it! Let them run and tell him. I’ve already told him to his face. It’s not news to him!” Felix flipped the car door open and turned to Matyas. “Do you need a ride, Brother, or were you here just to aggravate me?”

Matyas made his way to the passenger side and dropped into the seat in a split second. “Show off,” Felix muttered as he climbed in his seat.

Felix pushed the gear shift into gear and screeched out of the alley nearly hitting two pedestrians walking by. Matyas laughed at his callous move and Felix grumbled under his breath. He hated having to drag Matyas around. He was a thorn in his side along with Rebeka, the God fearing whore monger that Fergas had saddled him with. She came into the house seeking solace and refuge at the request of Fergas. Even after spending half a century as a vampire, she stil...

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