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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 36

The next nine months had whizzed past in a blur of wedding dresses, flowers, cake tasting and other preparations. Finally, the day was upon us, and the Packhouse buzzed with activity.

I thought back to the day when Xavier had proposed. The whole pack had gasped in shock. It was uncommon for Alpha’s and Luna’s to become married, but it wasn’t unheard of. In the eyes of the werewolf world, becoming Mated and bonded was just as good as getting married. When I finally got over my shock and replied yes, our entire pack cheered and clapped so loudly, that I’m surprised no one in the city heard us. We all partied long into the night that night and drunk copious amounts of wine, gin, and beer. 

And now, here I was getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry the man I loved. We had decided to use the clearing in the forest as our place of marriage and use the lawn as an outside alfresco dining area. Due to the number of people we had in our pack, we decided that we would only have the crucial members and family and friends over for dinner and then a massive party in the evening for everyone else. I had my Dad giving me away, and I choose Hannah and Cierra as bridesmaids and my little brother Lucas as a pageboy.

Standing in my bedroom, I looked around and saw everything boxed up and ready to be transferred to Xavier’s bedroom. My bedroom had been quickly transformed into a dressing room so that me and my bridal party could get ready. I looked a bit out of place, standing in an empty bedroom in my white princess wedding dress holding a red rose bouquet. I had a white and silver manicure done, and my hair was styled into an elegant bun with loose tendrils hanging around my face. The neckline of my wedding dress framed my shoulders, while a corseted bodice detailed with little crystals hugged my body. A large puffy skirt, consisting of many layers of taffeta, silk, and netting, soon followed and it rustled around noisily. My bodice wasn’t done up to tightly because of one tiny minor detail. My hands cradled a small hard bump, and I smiled fondly.

Yes, me and Xavier were expecting our first child any day now. I was looking forward to meeting my daughter, but I had missed my wolf terribly. It was extremely dangerous for an unborn child and pregnant woman to shift. So, for the last nine months, I have had to cage in my wolf. She wasn’t happy, but she understood. I know she couldn’t wait to stretch her legs finally.

A noise of a squeaking door signalled to me that my bridesmaids were finally ready, and I watched them as they graciously excited out from the closet. They both had the same elegant hairstyles as me and matching bouquets, albeit smaller and they wore floor-length burgundy strapless dresses made from silk.

“Oh girls, you look absolutely stunning!” I gasped happily.

“No! You look stunning. That dress is perfect for you!” Cierra smiled, looking down lovingly at my bump.

“I can't wait to meet her. Y...

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