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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 30

“Where did you find out about the Bonding Ceremony?” stuttered Xavier, visibly shocked, gently pulling himself away from me and looking at me nervously.

The car carried on gliding through the city like a silent black bullet, colours of the outside world whizzing past the windows in a blurry haze. I watched as the people outside carried on with not a care, not noticing that their Alpha was whizzing past them into the night.

“Hannah told me about it,” I confessed, shrugging my shoulders, and grinning unapologetically at Xavier.

“That girl can never keep her mouth shut, can she?” Xavier replied bluntly, shaking his head sideways and rubbing his eyes with one hand.

“So, what is it then?” I pressed, beginning to feel nervous about what it could be and what was expected of me.

“It’s nothing to worry about, I promise,” Xavier began, obviously seeing and feeling my unease. “So, basically, after we like, you know, get all close and personal, and I claim you as mine, we have twenty-four hours to complete the Bonding Ceremony in front of the pack,” Xavier explained nervously.

“And what is it that we have to do?” I asked, sounding intrigued.

“I will say a little speech and welcome you to the pack as my newly claimed Luna, then you stand up and say a little speech to the rest of the pack,” he began.

“After that, my Mother, who was the old Luna, will come on to the stage with the Dagger of Leaders. She will say a speech, ending her reign as Luna and accepting her new position of Delta. She will then walk up to us and use the dagger to make a small cut on both of our hands so that a drop of blood will spill. She will then take that blood and drop it into the Register of Alpha’s. We then have to hold hands and smear each other’s blood over our hands to represent our eternal love for each other,” Xavier explained, breathing out deeply, looking finally relieved.

“So, it’s just like a big public presentation?” I asked, trying to let the information I had just heard sink in.

A knot of despair and unease started to grow in the pit of my stomach. I really did not like public speaking. “What is the Register of Alpha’s anyway?”

“You will be fine, I promise. I will be there with you. All the way,” Xavier reassured, smiling across at me. “And it’s a book that contains all the signatures of every Alpha. When you become a Mated Alpha, he and his Luna must sign the book with their signature and seal it with a drop of their mixed blood. It symbolises that we are both willing to lead the pack until the death of the Alpha.”

“Death of the Alpha? Then that must mean your Dad must have died. Come to think of it. I’ve never met your Dad,” I exclaimed.

“Yes, he was involved in a big fight that contained several out of control rogues. Seven rogues jumped on ...

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