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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 28

The week flew past in a blur of early morning training, trips out to local coffee houses with Hannah, to get our caffeine fixes, secret lunch meetings with Xavier up in his office and fun-filled evenings with the rest of the Packhouse down in the lounge.

During the rest of the day, I spent many hours helping do chores around the house with Rachel and learning about the roles that I would need to know for when I finally accepted Lunarship. I’d been up to the nursery a couple of times this week, meeting the rest of the Omegas that looked after the pack’s pups. They were nothing like Tom, though. These Omegas were nice and friendly and cared for the pups as if they were their own pups. One of my roles would be to make sure the nursery was being run smoothly and that the Omegas were doing their jobs correctly. Any problems and I had to inform the Beta or the Alpha. Another role of mine was to make sure the Hunters were bringing enough food to the packhouse and making sure that our border lines were enemy free.

Finally, it was Saturday, and I could feel the butterflies fluttering in my belly. I was nervous about the date that I had planned with Xavier, and as the date got closer and closer, the fluttering feeling got worse. That evening, I would be wined and dined by the Alpha, and I would finally get to know him as a person and not just as our leader. I was lying in my bed, enjoying my well-deserved lie-in when a loud knocking sound jolted me from my thoughts.

“Come in!” I called out.

Who on earth was this wanting to come into my room at this time of the morning?

Looking up, I saw Hannah bouncing into my room and jumping on my bed excitedly.

“Get up sleepy pants. Time to get ready!” she yelled enthusiastically.

“Hannah, it is only half-past 11 in the morning!” I groaned, pulling the duvet up and over my head.

“Yes, exactly and you still got to choose an outfit, do your hair, do your nails and your make up, so come on!” Hannah urged, yanking off my duvet and exposing my bare legs to the cold air.

“Okay, okay!” I groaned, jumping out of bed, and standing in the middle of my room in just a pair of black pants and a vest top. “Right. Where do you want to start?” I asked her sleepily while stifling a yawn.

“Let’s do your hair. Shower now!” Hannah demanded, nodding to the bathroom.

“But I only washed it yesterday!” I protested. “It’s not even dirty!”

“You’re going to the poshest restaurant in town, and I can’t work my magic with day-old hair, so go and get it washed,” Hannah chuckled.

“Why do you care so much about my appearance for tonight anyway?” I grumbled, walking into the bathroom, and turning on the water, before peeling off my clothes and climbing in the bathtub.

I heard Hannah walk in, so I pulled the shower curtain across and peeped out from behind it, seeing Hannah perched cross-legged on the toilet ...

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