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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 14

Ricks P.O.V.

“Get up you filthy swine. Let us be having you. I haven’t got all day to be wasting time with you!” I growled menacingly.

I had been tasked with taking Tom to the valley of the Outcasts. Sooner I had got rid of him the better. I pulled Tom from the holding cell and pushed him towards the damp stone steps. Jane and Greg, my most trusted team members, were also with me, and I glanced back at them, watching them roughly shove our prisoner up the steps, behind me.

“Get a move on you useless lump!” Jane shrieked, kicking Tom hard in the leg with her heeled boot causing Tom to fall to the floor.

Greg just stood there and smirked. “Always been a weak piece of shit, haven’t you Tom?” he chuckled, before bending down and grabbing Tom's legs.

I followed Greg’s lead and grabbed Tom by his arms, and together, we marched up the stone steps, out of the prisoner wing and into the brightly lit lobby following Jane.  

It felt like we were being watched, so I looked up to see hundreds of faces peering down at us from the grand staircase. The lobby was also filled with more wolves, lining the walls, and assembling at the bottom of the stairs, looking at us intently and glaring down at Tom, all united in hatred. Suddenly, a loud noise filled the lobby. All the wolves that were watching and standing around were now clapping loudly, and a few even started to cheer.

“Well done, Warriors!” a voice rang out loudly.

“Get him gone!” cried another ecstatically.

“Should have killed him really!” a couple of voices yelled out together.  

“EXILE!” they all shouted, in unison. “Long live the Luna! Long live the Alpha!”

Tom growled and tried to resist his restraints, but I tightened my grip and whispered harshly “Don’t you dare try to fight me, or I swear to god I’ll kill you now, right on this spot!”

We carried on through the lobby, Jane’s heels clicking noisily across the tiles and out on to the marble steps. Waiting for us was an old battered blue transit van, with its back doors opened, ready and waiting for its load. Roughly, me and Greg flung Tom into the back of the van, and he landed with a heavy thud. A large groan echoed off the walls. I carefully climbed into the back of the van and knelt beside Tom and whispered gleefully in his ear.

“You will soon wish that we had killed you. I heard that the Valley of the Outcasts is waiting for you. Good luck. You are going to need it son.”

I grabbed his wrists, with a gloved hand, that were still bound by the silver cuffs, effectively weakening him, and pulled him back towards the side of the van to where a large metal silver hoop hung from the van wall. I took a length of rope from my pocket and tightly bound his wrists to the silver hoop so that he could not move, nor try and escape. I looked down and smirked at the helpless pile of filth, before turning on my heel and hopping out of the van. I slammed both doors shut and took a key out of my jacket and turned it in the lock, hearing it click. I looked back up the steps and noticed Xavier was stood there, with his arms crossed, looking down at us.

“Is the prisoner secured?” he asked slowly, eying up the van warily.

“Yes, Boss. He will not be escaping now,” I replied. “He is cuffed and tied to the van.”

“Good. Do you know where you must take him?” Xavier questioned, looking at me intently. “Do you know how to get to the Valley of the Outcasts?”

“Yes, of course, Boss. I am just going to drop him off at the guard...

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