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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 13

Everything was dark, and I could feel the slight pang of pain everywhere in my body.

“Is she alive?” a husky voice called out.

“Yes, for now. We have managed to bring her back. Her stats are looking good too!” another voice rang out in response.

“When will she wake up?” the husky voice continued, filled with concern.

“I don’t know. It could be days, weeks, or months. She will awake in her own time. Sit and talk with her. She could be able to hear you.”

I suddenly felt a warm hand cradle my hand in theirs. Their long fingers were gently massaging the back of my hand, making my skin feel numb.

“Leah baby, It’s me, Xavier. If you can hear me, I want you to know that I love you very much and I will never let anyone hurt you again. I promise,” Xavier soothed in my ear.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream came from the other side of the room as a door banged noisily against a wall. I listened as I could hear footsteps running across the room and stopping right beside me.

“Oh, my baby, my sweet precious baby! What has happened to you!? What has that monster done to you!?”


I instantly felt arms being wrapped around me and being hugged tightly.

“Be careful with her Libby! She is fragile,” my Dads' voice rang out.


Suddenly, flashes of light erupted in front of my eyes, but everything was still blurry. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyes felt heavy and sore. Clumsily, I tried to move my hands so that I could rub my eyes, but I found that my body felt heavy and I was unable to move properly.

“Quick, get the Doctor. I think she is waking up!” my Mum cried out.

A loud voice boomed over everybody else’s, “Out the way, please. I need to get to my patient.”

I finally managed to open my eyes and I looked around the room groggily. Things were starting to come back into focus, and I noticed a grey-haired man with thin glasses and wearing a long white coat was looking down at me.

“Hello, Miss Norwood. Welcome back. You gave us quite the scare. How are you feeling?” the Doctor asked gently.

“Sore,” I croaked groggily. “Everywhere hurts. Who are you?”

“I’m Doctor Danielson. Of course, it will. You were left in a bad way. Let us see, five broken ribs, bruising in and around the abdomen, a broken arm, two black eyes, concussion and a cracked eye socket, I believe,” the Doctor looked down at me, solemnly.

“He did all of that to me! Where is he now?” I squeaked, looking around the room in utter panic, just in case he was here.

I saw Xavier, Beta Adam and my Mum and Dad all stood in the room looking at me gravely. Mum had clearly been crying and Dad had his arm wrapped around her lovingly. Beta Adam was stood by the door while Xavier was stood in front of everybody while chewing nervously on his thumb nail.

“He is down in the prisoner wing. You are safe here. This is the hospital wing. No one can get to you, okay,” Beta Adam called out.

I nodded and looked over at the Doctor once more.

“Your stats seem fine and it looks like your internal bleeding has stopped so you will no longer be requiring an operation. I will leave you to get some rest. You have some concerned visitors waiting to see you,” the Doctor smiled while patting me gently on the arm.

I watched him walk past everybody and nod slowly, before exiting the room. Mum was quietly crying, holding onto a scrunched-up tissue in her hand while Dad still had his arm wrapped around her protectively, and Xavier was standing beside them, looking furious. Mum and Dad quickly made their way over to sit beside me, and Xavier sat down opposite them and gently held on to my hand. I took it gratefully and smiled sadly at him.

“You’ve been here one night and look what happens! That Tom couldn’t wait to get his claws into you!” my Mum hissed angrily. “I thought Rachel was supposed to be looking after you!” she continued, shooting an angry glare towards Xavier.

“I’m so sorry...” I began but Mum cut me off before I could finish my sentence.

“It’s not your fault, honey. I am not angry with you. It’s Tom that I am angry with. He should have been killed on the spot!” my Mum whispered, glaring at Xavier and Dad.

“Yes, well, it was decided that we will wait to see what happened with Leah first,” my Dad said. “He will get what’s coming to him. Do not worry about that,” he retorted. “Anyway, I think we should leave Leah and Xavier to talk. We can come back later. These two need some time together.”

Dad looked over at my Mum and raised an eyebrow. Mum and Dad both leant over and kissed my head before leaving me in the room with Xavier. I turned my head away from him, tears forming in my eyes.

I don’t want him to see me like this.

“Hey, don’t cry!” Xavier whispered, gently turning my head to face his. His face was full of sorrow and concern.

“I’m so sorry Xavier. I shouldn’t have run away from you,” I sniffed.

“It’s okay. You bonded with him. I kind of expected it, but we are together now,” he gushed while stroking my hair gently.

 I Looked up at Xavier and frowned. “How did you find me?”

“Well, I kind of knew that he would take you down to the basement. I stopped following you once I got back to the Packhouse. I knew you had bonded with him, and I did not want to stop you from mating with him, as hard as that was for me to swallow. As soon as he started attacking you, I felt every kick, every punch, every slap. I felt your fear and your pain. I knew I had to come and save you,” he admitted, shaking his head.

“You felt my pain? But how is that even possible?” I asked, confused.

“Because I am bonded with you remember. And when you mind-linked me, asking where I was and if someone could come and save you…”

“I mind-linked you?” I cut off Xavier mid-flow. “I didn’t know I could do that!” I said, shocked.

“Yeah, you did. I knew I had to save you, so I mind-linked your Dad and told him what was happening, and I got my Beta to come too, and we made our way straight to you. We got there just in time. It looked like he had already killed you, to be honest. I was scared that I had lost you,” he croaked, his eyes filling with pain ...

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