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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 12

Xavier’s P.O.V.

“Oh!! She is bleeding heavier than we thought. Everybody move out of the way!! She needs urgent medical treatment!!” I heard the Doctor shout quickly.

I looked up to see the Doctor running towards the staircase, carrying Leah in his arms. Leah’s eyes had started to roll in her head, and her body went limp, her arm drooping out of the Doctors arms.

“Leah!! Leah! Wake up! What’s wrong with her!?” I desperately shouted, looking around the room at a sea of blurry faces.

My wolf howled in desperation, and we both knew that something was seriously wrong with our Luna. I tried to follow the Doctor, but strong arms pulled me back and restrained me from leaving the room.

“Get off of me!” I yelled furiously, shouting at no one in particular.

I didn’t know who I was shouting at and nor did I care. I just knew that I needed to be with my Luna.

“No, Boss! We need to deal with this piece of filth first,” a voice hissed in my ear, bringing me back to my senses.

I looked down, and I noticed that Rick has pinned Tom to the floor and was holding him in a fast iron grip by his shoulders. Tom was smirking up at me, obviously finding the whole situation funny. Looking down at his smug face only made me feel angrier.

I so want to kill him right now!

I looked over at my Beta, who I finally noticed was the one that was holding me back from following the Doctor and Leah. I sighed dejectedly and began chewing my lip.

He is right. I can’t let Tom get away with this. Over my dead body!

“What do you two think we should do with him? I’m quite happy to rip him limb from limb,” I snarled, glaring down at Tom once again in disgust.

“He should die, rightly so, but I think it’s best that we see what happens to our Luna first. Let us see if she makes this attack and then we can deal with him,” Beta Adam replied slowly, scratching his chin, deep in thought.

“If we let him go, he will just run and go into hiding. You know what he is like!” snapped Rick angrily. “He is nothing but a coward. Let me show him what happens to those who attack my daughter!”

I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples. I tried to mind-link Leah, but there was nothing. There was just an empty silence where Leah’s soft voice should have been.

I couldn’t even sense her wolf anymore.

“At the very least, let’s keep him alive until we know what is happening with the Luna. If she makes it through, then we should let her choose his punishment,” hissed Beta Adam, his teeth clenched.

“He has had enough chances! Look what he did at his previous Pack, then, he came here and tried to kill you. Now he has done the same to our Luna, who happens to be my daughter! Let me destroy him!” Rick argued back, glaring at me and Beta Adam angrily, while slamming his hand into the wall beside him.

I looked up to see both men eyeing each other angrily with clenched fists. If looks could kill, then both men would be dead on the basement floor.

“Enough!” I roared in annoyance, slicing through the air with my hands. “You’re both acting like petulant school children!”

I glared at both men who in turn, bow their heads. “You’re both right, okay, but I have to agree with my Beta. If the girl dies, then he dies. Indefinitely. Take him to the prisoner wing for now. Make sure he is chained up, using the silver chains, and put him under 24-hour surveillance. Two meals a day should be adequate.”

I heard a cackled laugh echoing around the room, and as I looked down, I saw that Tom had started to laugh, looking up at me with thin, narrowed eyes that glinted strangely in the semi darkness.  

“Is that all you’ve got. Silver chains and rationed food? I hope the girl dies, and then you will feel the pain and humiliation that I have felt all these years. Nothing you can do to me can hurt me anymore. I have already suffered at your hands. I will find a way out, and then I will be coming for you. I’ll show you who’s Boss!” Tom snarled while grinning manically.

I watched him begin to laugh at himself crazily while lying on the dirty floor. His skin glistened with sweat and the grime from the basement and I could see that he was beginning to foam at the mouth.

“You’re crazy!” I sneered at him, bending down to his level. “You’re nothing but a dirty, crazy, piece of shit, and if my girl dies, I will enjoy ripping off your head. I will make sure it is nice and slow, and that you feel every bit of pain before you take your last breath. I won’t be happy until your head is mounted on my wall,” I whispered slowly in his ear, enjoying every moment, and watching the terror flicker over Tom’s face.

“Get him away from me. And get someone down here to clean this mess up,” I snapped, waving my hand around the basement and standing back up.

I watched as Rick and my Beta dragged Tom up the wooden staircase and out through to the kitchen. Suddenly, there was a struggle, and Tom leapt up into action and tried to dash through the opened kitchen door and outside. Quick as a flash, Rick shifted into his wolf form and knocked Tom flying to the floor. He hit his head hard on the corner of one of the metal worktops with a loud bang, and instantly, Tom flopped to the floor.

“Is he dead?” I heard myself asking, gawping at the lifeless body in shock.

“No, the silly idiot has just knocked himself out. What a fool,” Beta Adam laughed casually, as he walked over to Tom and roughly picked ...

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