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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Finally, face to face Camille can see the difference between the simple servants and the god they fear. A man whose solemn presence shakes her to the core, by merely looking at his intense glare Camille can feel how her soul lightens up from the darkness she’s been fighting alone. Unable to move or react to the glorious existence of this man, she stands in front of him with those hypnotizing eyes that analyze him with detail.

The delicate texture of his silky hair covers half of an astonishing gaze that paralyzes her body and almost makes her heart stop. Immediately trapped by his extraordinary eyes that look like a clear evening sky; bright blue and infinite, that beautiful light that warms the heart with unexplained emotions. His flawless skin has a soft sparkle that looks like he’s been showered with silver dust, taller than the average men, maybe a couple of inches taller than Kaiden. Camille’s eyes are drawn to a mysterious print displaying from the center of his neck, all the way down to his abdomen, a nicely dispersed mark across his stomach. It almost looks like he’s’ been hugged by an octopus’ tentacles which have left its mark behind. Completely captivated by the unique design and his unreachable perfection of a man that looks at her with imposing authority.

His eyes slowly drop down to her unsteady arms as she grips on the small towel covering her body. As he watches her shoulder tremble with fear and shock, the god is unable to ignore the scars and bruises she carries in her soul. Damned marks that aren’t visible to her, but for him who sees the dark and wrecked destiny she’s lived, the god can’t help but wonder how the God Of Destiny can decide to make someone suffer this much.

“Do you plan to stand there, or are you going to let me in?” Camille flinches at the sound of his condescending voice. A resonant tone of tenacity that makes her feel strangely protected but alarmed at the same time. Camille is delicate and fragile but covered with a heavy lament that irritates him. To see how she still holds a bright light of hope, which is new and unusual to find, especially in her world.

“I’m sorry,” she stammers, trying to sound as polite as she can make it. But the fear everyone else has input in her takes over. The god can’t ignore the screams of help behind he timid voice, to clean her body from the filth she’s been through, although he can’t help himself to feel taken by the way her eyes glitter with suppressed tears, the corner of his mouth curls up into a smile.

Camille realizes she’s still idiotically staring at him, unconsciously drawn to his energy, to his perfection has wooed her which doesn’t surprise him at all. She blinks a few times to focus as she awkwardly stumbles away from the door.

“You may ...

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