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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


Taking a deep breath to keep myself calm and in controlled. I pushed the doorbell of Rocky's house. Trying to forget the sad atmosphere at breakfast. My parents and their tortured faces. It felt awful for not noticing so much struggle before, thank God, Aubrey was still the same. I wasn't willing to change that. I wanted to feel normal, and what better way to do it, than keeping my annoying sister treating me like I wasn't sick, like I wasn't dying.

The door opened with Yael behind it. My eyes did open a little. Sometimes I wondered what he had in common with the rest of the guys. Yael was so different from Cameron, even from Angel and definitely very different from Miles. He was quieter and with manners. He was in the process of growing a man bun which so far it looked great. I smiled at him. I could feel it, in a moment Yael and my relationship changed completely. Now he knew, he knew my fate and he felt sorry for me and in a way, I didn't mind it.

"Hey, long time no see..." Yael greeted with his soft voice. That was normal, which made me smile. His gentle humor towards a dying girl.

"Right..." I said in a friendly tone and adding an eye roll.

I spent most of the time with his sister Rocky; but somehow, he was one of the reasons I could enjoy my friendship with Cameron and the rest of the guys. Even when there were certain things he didn't like us to know, and I knew the difference between our friendships. Now it was different. We changed. Now, we had a secret in common; something that connected us, until of course, I no longer existed. I sighed at the dragging thought.

"Are you okay?" he interrupted my moment, a change in his tone made my eyes narrowed. I looked up to him, I didn't want pity from anyone, but with Yael, I felt comfortable. In a weird way, he was giving me peace. The comfort of being fragile, of being in pain. I smiled again and nodded at him.

"I'm fine," I answered with a low whisper.

"Is it, Sam!?" Rocky called from her room interrupting our moment, we both frowned. Maybe that was what made us comfortable with each other. We both had annoying sisters, though I liked his sister, I wasn't so sure about him liking mine. The thought made me grin. Take that, Aubrey. Yael always acted like Rocky was the most annoying little sister in the word, but he cared a lot about...

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