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I'm a wife, a mother, a friend, a writer, and an avid learner.

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Cori Laraway (Tier II Author)

Ghost Counselor (Full First Draft): Some of us are haunted from within.
by Cori Laraway

A counselor learns that her patient has been molested for years, and feels compelled to help her, but must track down the young woman, who has been taken hostage on a killing spree across Texas. NOTE: This is the full rough draft. I'm working on the revision, but it will take a few months. Please leave your comments and suggestions for me. :) I realize there are a lot of holes, inconsistencies, and no denouement yet... I promise, I'm working on it!

Chapter 1
Daddy's Little Girl

Bonnie didn't even notice the tears running down her face as she scrubbed her young flesh clean of her father's cheap aftershave again. The only thing different was that the rage she'd felt for so long didn't dissipate into helplessness this time. Instead, it spiral...

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