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Kat Frost is a fantasy author who has been writing novels, of varied quality, for ten years. A thrill-seeking adventurer at heart, Kat hails from a small town near Seattle, Washington, where she spends most of her time writing. Outside of her inky passion, she also enjoys reading, blogging, LARP, video gaming with her brother, and daydreaming. She is very glad that she is not one of her characters. Connect with Kat via Twitter @JustKatness and on her life and writing blog, morethanivebeen.wordpress.com.

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Born to Die: Book 1 of the Born to Die trilogy
by Kat Frost

Sajia Tiet'fa would give anything to die. She is an Eternal, cursed to come back to life each time she dies. Eternals are forced to fight battles not their own, and die over and over again until their minds snap. No one survives a hundred deaths. Sajia is given a last chance to prove herself. Soon, she is leaping from death to death, closer each time to that fateful one hundred, caught up in a whirlwind centered around one man she can't seem to get away from... even if she wanted to. Sajia embarks on an epic mission to change the course of the future, but the price might be too high. Just how much is she willing to sacrifice? "Sounds interesting!"


“From beyond the reach of mortal plains, I summon you, Varak, ancient demon of darkness! Speak!”

The demon sighed, no more than a shadowy outline in the red smoke in the summoning circle. “Really, Lamaar, less drama, please. You know you ca...

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