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from Born to Die by Kat Frost


“From beyond the reach of mortal plains, I summon you, Varak, ancient demon of darkness! Speak!”

The demon sighed, no more than a shadowy outline in the red smoke in the summoning circle. “Really, Lamaar, less drama, please. You know you cannot summon me unless I wanted to come. You think yourself powerful, but you are but a tiny bug in my world, hardly worth the effort of using.”

“Yet still you always come at my beck and call. And why? Do you know why, Varak?”

The demon yawned. “Because I’m cramped and bored in my prison and you are my jester.”

“Because you need me.” The summoner shook out his silk cuffs, checking to ensure he was still safely inside his protective circle. “You want to rule my world, and...

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