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from Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar by Nick Edinger

Chapter VII

Chapter 7

Amal, filming, had to grab Henry’s phone with both hands to stop it shaking. Few people in the Chandler Comedy Club could contain themselves. The moment Amal caught on a phone; where Representative Fulton just repeated a crass (and worse yet, outdated) meme; had the makings of a classic. Well, as classic as Internet Videos could be, according to Amal.

All the twenty-somethings still at the bar found different ways to laugh. Some quaked. Some chortled. One odd woman beat her chest and howled. A man with pink hair took out his phone, and fiddled with its buttons. The only people not laughing were the bouncer (dragging Frederick away) and Fulton (watching his credibility slip away).

No Republican bill could be as red as Representative Fulton’s face then. Amal struggled to find words for it— beet-red? Almost purple? Like if Rudolph’s nose grew tumorous and metastasized? He stopped thinking about it soon. While everyone else was still laughing, Fulton locked eyes with Am...

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