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Aiming to write the next Christian inspired Fantasy series.

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Zach Bromfield (Tier II Newcomer Author )


The Wolf and the Tigress (10k Challenge Submission): There are stories that inspire generations, and then there are stories that determine the course of events set for aeons to come. No great love story can exist...without great tragedy.
by Zach Bromfield

Griseo Connall journeys to the home of the King of Beasts to accept the role of bodyguard to the king's daughter. What he does not expect is to fall in love with her, or her with him, and the horrific disaster awaiting the two lovers that will seal the fate of the realm...

The Wolf and the Tigress
A forbidden romance spells doom for both lovers.

(The following was written for the 10K writing challenge. I am thinking of making a longer version as I ran out of words, which I did not expect! Let me know what you guys think! Constructive criticisms welcome! This is meant to be a full and rounded off short story, but there was more to it than...


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