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About me

Trudi Hauxwell trained as an archaeologist. She has published flash fiction and short stories in several genres and is currently working on her first full length novel.

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The Adventures Of Lucien & Aldous: Vampire Microfiction
by Trudi Hauxwell

Aldous likes the opera and fine dining. Lucien wears plaid and thinks Aldous is a square. But when you're the only two vampires in town you have to stick together.

Lucien & Aldous #1

“Isn’t this illegal?” Aldous asked, as Lucien twisted the two wires together beneath the steering column.

The car rumbled in to life.

“We’re vampires, Aldous.” Lucien responded. “Everything we do is illegal.&rdqu...

The Hollow: Flash Fiction - previously published in Heater magazine April 2015
by Trudi Hauxwell

A hitman seeks revenge for the death of a local musician.

The Hollow

There was an empty space across the street where the girl once stood. It wasn’t a particularly interesting piece of pavement, squeezed between a pub and a betting shop, sticky with old chewing gum and cigarette butts. An ordinary London street. It had been the...

The Demon At The Gates Of Winter: A Wyrd Seasons Tale
by Trudi Hauxwell

The creatures of folklore have returned after two thousand years of exile beyond the veil. Humanity is now at the mercy of the forces of darkness. Only a few individuals have the power to stand in their way; an immortal warrior, a sorceress and a murderous fairy.

Bergen, Norway. 2149
The Party From Tromso

The air smelled of mold and dead things, of old fur and dessicated bones. It was a smell familiar to anyone who worked in a museum. It was the perfume of history and usually Professor Sandvik breathed it in with relish. But not today. Today, the esteemed career whic...


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