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from Night Watcher (First Chapter Only) by Alexander Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Alexander Smith

Chapter 1
Night Watcher

***Feedback is wanted desperately and areas to improve on***

Will Chambers knew he was being watched. The phantom set of eyes tracked him as he walked along the sands. The breeze cooled around him as the waves of Merewether Beach lapped on the shoreline. Someone was looking. He just didn’t know who. 

The black Mercedes-Benz van drove around the corner, approaching the deserted carport of the surf lifesaving club. There were two tall men inside. They parked their van, pausing for a short moment to talk. 

“I feel wrong,” Will said. “Someone’s watching me.”

“No one’s here. It’s past eleven and you’ve been at a party. Probably one or both of those factors,” Nat said. His sandy hair blew in the wind, working its way out of is normally stylish position. 

“No, someone’s watching me,” Will said. The crest of a wave crashed on the shoreline. 

“I agree. Something’s not right. It feels weird. Can we stop at yours?” Katie said, turning to face the four. 

“It’s not like Mum’s gonna care. I practically She’ll probably come home at six - if she can get in the front door without stumbling.”

The first clue that Will Chambers got that someone was following him was the hollow sound of footsteps on the sand, followed by the deep, husky voice.

He turned around and saw the figure of a tall man, wielding a handgun and dressed in dark clothing. He had an assortment of dark tattoos on his sleeve. A shorter accomplice was by his side.

“If you want to live all of you will do as you’re told,” he said. 

“Who are you?” asked Nat.


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