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The Dragon War
by V.R. Rosewood

For thousands of years, the Order of the Four Winds has kept balance in the world, using their powers over the weather and other natural forces only when their patron goddess commands them. But, when their goddess falls silent as an ancient dragon, Mons, plots to destroy the world, Seida is forced to make a choice: does she remain passive as the Titan wreaks havoc on the lands she swore to protect, or take matters into her own hands? With her three apprentices in tow, Seida forsakes the Order to find a way to amass an army to stop Mons before his fire consumes the world. "Sounds interesting!"

On the Hunt

The sun was still below the horizon as Seida planted herself on the log by the campfire. With a stiff groan, she stretched side to side and blew into her hands a few times to warm her cold fingers. She stirred the ashes with a stick, piling up the coals in the cente...

The Sole Survivor

Gregorim awoke to a whole different world. The storm from last night had persisted into the morning, a stubborn, steady drizzle. Flecks of ash still rained down from the sky. In the early morning mist, the charred husks of the trees were like skeletal fingers reachi...

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