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  from The Devil Was Once A Human by Menna Ashraf

Chapter 1

I woke up with a heavy head, as if I had been in a coma for years. It was hard to open my eyelids, but after struggling for some minutes, I did. I was lying on my back and all I could see was a hole in a strange, rocky ceiling. I hastily got up on my feet and with bewilderment of the scene, I looked around to examine where I was. I studied the place; it looked like a cave, it wasn't very dark, though. A depressive vibe was filling the place. There was a source of faint illumination, but the dark atmosphere of the place conquered that faint faith. It was so quiet that I could hear my own breaths. And to be honest, I didn't know whether I was awake or dreaming, it all felt utterly surreal to me. I went around to discover that "cave", it was more like an underground cave, as I could hear footsteps above me. Yet, nobody knew I was there. I wandered around the place for about ten minu...

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