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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 25
The Chase

Katie woke up with a start. She was hoping it was all a horrible nightmare. Unfortunately, she awoke still in the bathroom of her prison. She must've dozed off sitting up. "Where was Tate and why hadn't he tried to get in? What time is it" She wondered as she looked at her watch. "Seven in the morning?" she asked out loud. She stood up and walked to the sink and then reluctantly walked out of the bathroom after she washed her hands and splashed cold water on her face. She was anxious to see who was there that he wanted her to meet. Was it another girl he had kidnapped, maybe a family member he didn't tell her about or someone else, maybe an accomplice. Maybe he wasn't the only one who had been to their house. She was so confused right now. She couldn't hear a thing when she walked out. She slowly walked down the dimly lit hallway, softly dragging her finger down the wall as she walked. She had no idea where Tate was and was unnerved by how quiet it was.

She opened a door off to the left and prayed he wasn't in it. She walked through the door to a dark room and switched on the light. She instantly felt a cold chill as a single bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling illuminated the room. It was so lifeless as she looked around at the empty concrete walls. No family pictures hung on these walls either. There was a tattered brown sofa that was pushed against the far egg shell colored wall that had been patched several times and none of the patches matched the color of the sofa. One was a dark blue, one was burgundy and the last one pink. There was a wooden fireplace that had scuffs and chipped places all over it, almost as if a dog had scratched it to pieces. A worn, blue faded area rug lay in front of the fireplace on the horribly stained hardwood floors. No closets she noticed, no life, no love. This room could be made up really nice however, but with what she was told, she didn't think any of the rooms in this house had very much love shown in them. All the windows were boarded up and no doubt, this room has not see the sun in ages. It made her feel sad, even more hopeless than she felt already. She backed out of the room and turned off the light.

She was curious to look in the other rooms but was sure they all looked similar to this one. She made her way down the hallway and walked into a larger room. A second living room maybe? There was a black stained futon against the wall and a tv tray sitting in front of it. A small tv sat on a makeshift wooden table only big enough to hold the tv off in the corner. Off to her right she saw a small kitchenette. "This must be where he eats then." Katie thought. "How sad of a life, no wonder he likes hanging out in that cave." She muttered to herself. No pictures anywhere in here, or in this whole house it seemed. Just then, she heard a noise coming from behind a door that lead out of the living room. She started trembling as she walked towards the sound. It was almost as if her body were forcing her to take each step against her will. The sound of nails dragging against the door only made her fear worse. It was almost as if someone or something was trying to claw their way out. She heard Tate yell from behind the door. "Get down, get away from the door." He yelled. His heavy footsteps grew closer. With each footfall, her body shook worse. The door knob turned and was forced opened. A large Doberman came running at her full force. Katie has always loved animals but the sight of a very large dog running after her terrified her. She took off running and jumped up on the futon screaming. Tate grabbed his leash and stopped him before he could jump up there with her.

Randy, Buck, Matt and Frank all canvassed the area where the police found strands of her hair but came up empty handed. They walked further into the trees and on the other side, spotted the cave. They all followed the dirt trail that led to the opening.  "Doesn't look there's anything here guys, Frank said. Buck walked around the wall and yelled "Yippeee Boss, some...

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