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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany Doran

Chapter Eighteen
Raining on my Heart

Buck sat by Randy whom, was obviously shaken up by the picture that was found. He placed his hand on Randy's shoulder trying to calm him. "It just ain't right, Buck." Randy said wringing his hands. "How could he have gotten that picture? That was Franks." Randy said wide eyed and animated. They both looked at each other in shock. "Could it be Frank?" Buck asked. Randy stood up from where he was sitting and began pacing across the living room floor. "Couldn't be, Buck. He wouldn't do something like this." Randy said adamantly. But deep within, he had started to question whether it could be or not. Sergeant Haskins and his team had posted outside for the rest of the evening and Haskins also had some of his men posted in the barn as well as the growing vineyard. "Just a precautionary guys." Randy replayed in his mind everything Sergeant Haskins had told them. He wasn't so sure though, that he would even be able to sleep at this point. Buck didn't seem to be too tired either. They both had so much adrenaline coursing through their veins that they could probably take down a grizzly bear, bare handed. They both replayed every conversation they had with Frank in their minds and compared notes. "I know we told him she was leaving town right?" Buck asked. "If it were Frank, why would he be here knowing she's not?" he continued as he watched Randy, still pacing the floor. "How, why, what,when?" Randy repeated over and over again. "Come on Boss, don't flip out on me, you're sounding like a crazy man." Buck said as he stood and walked to where Randy was. "No really, these are the questions going through my mind." Randy said as he stopped pacing. "How did whoever this is get that picture? Why does he have it and what does he want with Katie? Finally, when is it that he got this picture that I gave Frank?" Randy asked. "These are all questions I want answers to, it will be then we figure out who it is, I believe." Randy said as he sat back down on the couch.

"Wow, that was close!" Tate said as he scrambled up a hill and behind a tree to take refuge. He searched his jacket pocket for her picture. "I just need to see her face," Tate said, "Then, I will feel better." His heart raced. He stood up, careful to not show even a glimmer of a shadow even though it had been quiet for some time. He searched all the pockets in his jacket and all the pocket in his pants. "Dammit!" Tate shouted. "I must have dropped it but where?!" He sat down and put his head in his hands. "Now I can't see her at all. A glimpse through the window, aisle by aisle at the store, a lucky break if she happens to be allowed to go outside by her dad and that baboon guy friend of hers, now I can't even see her face in a picture." He sighed and shook his head. "What will I do now?"

"Well," Buck said, with determination in his voice and a glean in his eyes, "I reckon our first stop in the morning will be to talk to Frank and see what he has to say about this." Randy took a deep, ragged breath. He was tired, so tired of this nonsense and he missed his girl. He wanted Katie home so bad. It would be different if she had moved out and were married or just simply moved to her own place. But this, this was ridiculous. She had to travel miles away for safety. "What happened to the good ole days, Buck, when you could go outside and have a good time and not worry about fools pulling stuff like this?" Randy asked as he stood and walked to the stairs. "It's really late buddy," he said to Buck." We should get some sleep." Randy said as he turned to walk up the stairs. Buck felt so bad for Randy. Katie was his life line and he could see the hurt in his eyes. He wanted to right this wrong, to make them all feel safe again. He wanted Katie home too. He was beginning to forget her smell and her perfume scent was fading throughout the house. The flowers throughout the house had wilted and her tea pitcher in the kitchen had been empty for too long. Buck got up off the couch and went to si...

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