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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter Sixteen

The sun was hot on the farm as Randy prepared for the workers to start construction on the small vineyard he wanted added to his land. The grass had been freshly mowed and Buck arrived shortly after and helped him finish up the hard task of getting all the equipment put away and the animals tended to. "You're a slave driver." Buck joked as he wiped sweat from his brow. Randy laughed. "Well son, a hard day's work equals a hard day's pay right?" Randy said still chuckling. Buck finished throwing feed to the chickens and walked over to where Randy was gathering tools to put in the barn. Do you really think that we can have a vineyard here, Boss?" Buck asked in a doubtful tone. "Well, I see it this way, if I don't at least try I will never know. I have plenty a fertile ground for it that is for sure. I found that out when I had my dirt tested for it." Randy went on. He knew it would be a chore of epic proportions but once they had what they needed, he knew they'd be alright. He had worked out a deal with White's Winery to bring all the grapes there and have them processed and made into wine for a portion of his profits. They knew he wouldn't be able to put everything on his land, but the grapes he could do. "When are we going to start preparing the land?" Buck asked. "Well, as soon as possible I reckon, it is a Saturday and those folks aren't going to want to be out in the sun no more than we do." Randy said walking out of the barn. Buck walked over to the site where the vineyard would be. "I will head on then and get done what I can and then when they get here, seeing as how they are way more knowledgeable than I in this field, they can take over." Buck said jokingly. Randy chuckled and shook his head. He understood where Buck was coming from. Maybe it wouldn't work. Maybe this is a mid life crisis decision and instead of buying a Ferrari he is planting a vineyard. But he had to try. He wanted something Katie would enjoy that would insure she is taken care of when he's gone.

The day was long and the work tiring. Randy and Buck were ready to call it a day. The men working on his land from the winery had come and gone but were far from finished. "Well, what do you say to a tall glass of beer at Joe's and some wings, Buck?" Randy asked holding the door open for him to go inside. Buck stepped inside as Randy followed behind. They both took in the nice arctic air that hit them in the face as soon as they made it into the kitchen from the porch. "Man, I tell ya," Buck said, "I'll go anywhere that has a nice a.c. like this." They both laughed. "Why don't you go on and take a shower up in Katie's room. I don't think she'll mind." Randy chuckled. "I'll be in my room taking a shower and when we both smell better than sweaty garbage men, we'll go out." Randy said walking into the living room. "Deal, Boss." Buck said. He always brought a spare change of clothes in his car when he came for just this instance and he was glad he did, especially today. He was as dirty as he'd ever been dealing with all the dirt the trucks brought in and helping do some work. He made his way back in from the blazing heat and made his way up to Katie's room. He heard Randy's shower running already and hurriedly walked in her room to get showered. When he opened her door, there was still a faint scent of her lilac perfume lingering in ...

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