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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany Doran

Chapter Fourteen

Buck sipped his glass of peach tea leftover from when Katie made it last and took a deep breath. Randy looked over at him from watching the ball game. Randy knew Buck was missing Katie almost as much as he was. "It's been almost a month since she left, Randy." Buck said looking at his glass of tea as the ice floated to the top. Katie had made it a point to call them as often as she could to let them know how she was doing. Buck loved to hear her gleeful voice as she went on about the beach, the little out of the way shops and all of the scenery there in California. Randy loved being able to hear her smile from the other end of the phone. He loved that she was safe, but boy, did he miss her back at home. The last phone conversation they had was a few days back. She asked how things were going on the farm, how her favorite calf was doing and how he was eating while she was away. "How is the whole stalker situation?" Katie asked worriedly. "You know I love it here dad, but, I miss my home and I miss you guys." Her voice began to crack and he knew she was homesick and ready to come home. "Well peach, there really hasn't been any activity here since you left. It's been pretty quiet." Randy said reassuringly. He remembered the small voice on the other end of the phone miles away saying, "I love you daddy." He just wanted to hug her so bad.

Randy and Buck carried their dishes into the kitchen and sat them in the sink. Randy put his hand on Buck's shoulder. "Son, I know how you feel, I miss her too, more than ever." Randy could almost see his heart breaking as he looked into his eyes. "I love her Randy, and it's killing me that she's so far away." Buck said solemnly as he turned to go out the front door. Randy walked with Buck outside to the porch. The night ...

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