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from Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2019–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 20

Katie was sitting at the kitchen table with a notebook and pens laid out making sure all the necessary preparations are written down.

"Katie," Buck yelled from upstairs, "Do you know where my razors are at?"

"I already packed them, honey." Katie yelled back up to Buck.

"You guys had two weeks to prepare and you waited until the last day, huh?" Randy asked as he sipped his coffee."I've already been packed." he snickered.

"Yes dad, Daisy has been packed for two days." Katie said as she continued to write.

"See, she gets that from me." Randy winked at her. "Oh, come on peach, lighten up, this is gonna be a blast!" he exclaimed.

She knew it would be, it's just been awhile since they've been anywhere and she likes to plan for everything and for everything to be as organized as possible.

"Stevens." the officer said as he approached Tate's cell. "You have a visitor."

Tate has been waiting for him for days it seemed. Finally, he's here.

"So, what's good boss?" Tate asked his lawyer.

"Well, I have all the paperwork finalized. All we need is to have a hearing. Pretty sure that'll happen soon." he said as he flipped through the paperwork.

"It needs to happen now, I need out of this place. I'm so tired of it in here." Tate said.<...

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