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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany Doran

Chapter Three
Love Hurts

The next morning, the sun rose and shone into the bay window hitting Katie directly in the face. She grabbed the blanket and pulled it over head as she heard Randy make his way down the stairs and start the coffee. She didn't want to get up today. In her head, she boycotted the day and vowed to not get off the couch...unfortunately, her bladder thought otherwise. The aroma of coffee filled the air and aided in her getting up off the couch. She tried to stretch the stiffness out as she walked to the restroom. Randy had started his famous Randy's Roadhouse Omelets which consisted of eggs, cheese, peppers and onions. The aroma found its way into the bathroom as Katie was brushing her teeth. "Yessss!!" Katie said out loud, "dad's cooking." She walked to the kitchen and on the table sat a hot steaming cup of coffee and a plate of eggs and toast with apple butter and Jelly on the side. " You know, dad, I can get use to this." She said smiling. Randy sat down beside her, said the blessing over the meal and sipped his coffee. It was so good and she had forgotten just how much she loved his cooking. The birds were singing this morning. "The fair is in a couple of days huh?" Randy asked. " Sure is!" Katie said beaming. The phone rang and Randy got up to answer it. Katie took their dishes to the sink and began washing them up. She watched the foals in the enclosure running around, the pigs eating their slop and the cows being let out to graze. Wait...what? "Dad?" Katie said to Randy. " Who is letting the cows out??" She asked in a panicked tone. Her dad looked out the kitchen window and laughed..."Katie, that's my new helper for the day", he went on, "Buck wasn't feeling well so I had to get someone to take his place today." That was him that just called asking if his friend had made it here yet." Randy continued. "Shew, scared me to death." Katie said as she leaned against the granite countertop with her hand on her forehead. "I thought someone was stealing our cows." She said gaining her composure. " What's wrong with Buck?" She asked concerned. "I think it's just some twenty-four hour thing. I'm sure he'll be back on his feet in no time." Randy said. "I hope so, Katie said, "We are suppose to go to the fair in a few days." She said smiling.

Katie made her way to Merriman's Fresh Market to get some flowers for their house and some goodies for Buck to raise his spirits some since he was under the weather. "There she is" Mr. Merriman said with a smile as she walked in the door. She loved the smell of his store every time she walked through the door. Fresh coffee beans and blueberry muffins filled the air. "We got some fresh flowers in today and they are gorgeous!" Mr. Merriman told Katie. "I'll have to check them out, Thank you." Katie replied smiling. She made her way to the soup aisle and found some chicken noodle soup. Then she made a quick stop by the flowers to check out the new arrivals. They were gorgeous as he said. Bright pink and blue and yellow lilies. She decided that the yellow lilies would be a great color to cheer up Buck. So, she got herself...

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