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  from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Chapter One
Love or Lust

She threw herself across the bed and placed her soft face in her hands and her long curly auburn hair fell to the sides. She then rolled to her side. Perplexed, she let out a frustrated sigh. "Do I love him or don’t I?" she said, feeling puzzled. She of course, was talking about William Buck Brady, Brady for short. He was the most handsome farm hand her daddy had ever hired that she could recall. Buck had been working there for the past three years. He began asking her for a date a few months after he was hired by her daddy. Randy Calhoun, wasn’t going to allow it of course. Randy Calhoun was a soft hearted farmer. He had a mind for business, but also a heart for people. He was nearing fifty and his dark brown hair was starting to grey. Katie was his pride and joy. She was his only daughter and had been his rock when he thought he was going to lose it all. There had been a fire a couple of years back and almost everything he had, had been destroyed. His insurance covered everything but rebuilding was hard and had taken its toll on him. "Don’t worry, daddy…it’ll all work out just fine, you’ll see." Katie would say. Her father loved her reassuring tone and her encouraging words. He just didn’t want to fail her, didn’t want to let her down in any way.

It was a hot May morning. The sun was blazing almost as soon as it crested over the tops of the expansive mountainside facing their home. "Time to get up and get these chores done." Randy said tiredly. He yawned and stretched and tried to pull himself together to go down and get his first cup of coffee. Katie was already downstairs fixing breakfast as he staggered through the kitchen. " I wondered if you were going to be joining me" she said with a smile. "I’ve got your favorites almost finished and a nice hot cup of joe." she went on. "What would I do without you girl?" he said as he pulled out a chair and sat at the table. "Well, I would reckon that you wouldn’t have any French toast and coffee in the morning." she giggled. He had loved her laugh since she was a young girl. At twenty-one years old, he still loved it just as much. They sat and talked over a couple of cups of coffee before his right hand man Buck, made his way to the door to begin the day's work. Katie got up and walked down the long narrow hallway that lead to the door. She could see his perfectly trim framed silhouette as he stood waiting to be greeted. She would know it anywhere. Broad shoulders, trim waistline, and a cowboy hat. As she opened the door, the sun poured into the foyer of the farmhouse, across the hardwoods and shone through to the living room. There he stood. Six foot one, muscular build, dark hair and a great smile. His dark hazel eyes reflected the light of the sun and she immediately became entranced once again. She knew that she shouldn't dream about him as she did but she couldn'...

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