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Horror Collection: A collection of short stories
by Steve Boseley

A number of speculative, dark fiction and horror short stories


“Ellie!” Bernadette Lawson shouted, spinning around. She looked at the many faces that hurried past. She had taken her eyes off her daughter for only a moment. Mrs Lawson worried that her daughter wouldn’t know what to do. She was a bright gir...


So here I sit, cogitating upon my predicament.

I know neither where I am nor how I came to be here. I know only that my name is William. I know not how I know this morsel of information, but I know it to be true. If I have other names, they are hidden from me,...

Nancy, Please


The voice seemed to echo through the hall, and Nancy looked up.

If there were speakers attached to the wall or ceiling, they were well hidden amongst the drapes and tapestries that adorned the walls. The ceiling, perhaps fifty feet o...



Malcolm looked up from his desk. He looked at the cup of coffee that sat on the corner of his desk; a film had started to form, and he stirred it with his pen before picking it up. “What?” He knew it was unprofessional ...

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