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Parklife (Working Title)
by Steve Boseley

A Horror novel about a group of people that get trapped in a park by the animals in the park. Christian Moore must keep his son safe from not just the wildlife, but from those in the group as well. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The object made surprisingly little sound as it sped towards the earth. 

It had left a trail of fire as it passed into earth’s atmosphere. Anyone that happened to be looking up at that exact moment would have assumed it was a meteor passing through the atmosphere, a shooting star.

The object had travelled many miles to get here. It was one of thousands - perhaps tens of thousands - of similar objects launched into this solar system. Many of the objects would pass harmlessly by, nev...

Chapter 2

“Come on. They’re gonna kick us out soon.” Evan prodded his girlfriend in the ribs.

“There are people around,” Shawna giggled and pushed him back. Laughing, she jogged a few paces away from him before turning back and smiling. 

Evan sighed. She had promised him she would give him a handjob this evening if he was a good boy. Evan had washed the dishes after they had eaten the day; he had complemented her on her new dress - short; he had even asked how her mum...

Chapter 3

“What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?”

Christian Moore looked at the upturned faces of the children before him. Some of them stared back, blinking, others frowned. No one said anything.

“Anyone?” Moore waited for a response. When none was forthcoming, he continued. “Doyouthinkhesaurus.” He smiled at his own joke, which he knew was pretty poor, but he thought he may have gotten at least some form of reaction from a group of ten year olds. However, the c...

Chapter 4

Lloyd Jewell shivered in the early afternoon air. He had secreted himself several metres inside the forest, and he knelt in the shade, far enough in to remain hidden, but not far enough in so that he couldn’t still see the path which wound its way through the park. He wore a dark coloured tracksuit that he had picked up from a charity shop somewhere. If it ever had a brand logo on it, it had long since peeled off . Lloyd could easily have afforded better, but on days like today, he preferred t...

Chapter 5

“Stay together, everyone.” Chris led the children through the large glass doors at the rear of the Elizabethan hall. The small group hopped down the set of stone steps that led onto the park. A large circular fishpond, bound be knee-high atone was the main feature out here, but it wasn’t fish they had come outside to see. He walked the group over to a small group of trees that stood several metres beyond the pond. “Can anyone tell me what kind of trees these are?” He didn&rs...

Chapter 6

Lloyd pulled his hand out of his trousers. He hadn’t got as far as he would have liked, but he hadn’t planned on the child getting this close. The boy was teetering on unsteady legs towards the bush behind which he was crouched. The day wasn’t particularly cool, but the child wore a red wollen hat pulled down over his ears, and a red and blue coat, zipped up to his chin. His cheeks were slightly flushed and he looked like his nose could do with a blow. He made laughing sounds as he move...

Chapter 7

The man running towards Chris was shouting. Most of it was profanity. The children had set their papers and crayons aside and were observing the spectacle. Chris noticed this and shouted to the children.

“Inside now, everyone. Let’s go and see what Mrs Garrett is up to, shall we?”

The screaming man was getting closer. Other park users moved aside as he barrelled past, arms flailing. Chris could now see that the man had been injured somehow; his face and hands were stained a ...

Chapter 8

Lloyd stumbled back and sat down, so swift was the attack. The fox in front of the woman leapt at her, jaws wide. He had never heard of anything like this before. He had occasionally heard stories of a lone fox in someone’s garden becoming aggressive when it was cornered, perhaps even snapping its jaws at the perceived aggressor. He might even have heard or seen a news article about someone complaining that a fox had come into their baby’s room at night and dragged the child away. Or that cou...

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