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from Orion's Unveiling by Odell Scott

Copyright © 2020–2021 Odell Scott

Chapter 1

Chapter 1



           Orion clutched the bench in the changing room. His protective suit, a flattened lifeless skin waited for him. The yearly exam was complete. Odds were this was the last time he goes through this. Now, the wait for results. He smoothed back his brown hair and crept into his protective gear, secured his helmet, gloves and proceeded to the waiting room where Dad would be working.

Orion pulled up mom’s vid as he walked, no answer, he left a message. “Exam’s over and now the wait to see the numbers, I’ll let you know. Hope your surprise meeting is good news.”

Dad put down his tablet as Orion plopped into a chair next to him.

“How was it?” 

           “Same as always. They have a new testing bot named Shae. She’s as dull as all the others.” Orion leaned back in his chair and admired the environment.

“This interior must be another upgrade from the space colonies.” The room’s walls, ceiling, and floor simulated a tropical beach. The repeated sound of surf crashing on the shore echoed inside his helmet. He could almost reach out and touch the palm fronds above him.

 “Have you heard from mom?”

“No, I’ve tried her a few times. She’ll get back to us when she has a moment.”

“So, she got a message about a mysterious meeting early this...

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