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from The Tale of Captains Woods by Nunan Bibi

Copyright © 2019–2021 Nunan Bibi

Chapter 1

Chapter One

In the beginning..



If you were to look through a telescope into the night sky what would you see? Well I guess it would depend on how good your telescope is and whether the moon is full or if there is cloud cover, or rain even. Of course you will see the moon and stars but way up there, far away deep in that blackness lays an extraordinary universe of planets, stars and solar systems that have been there since the very beginning of time.

Lets put it another way. My very educated mother just served us noodles! You may well wonder what noodles have to do with it and I can honestly say nothing at all. It’s just a simple mnemonic - a way to help remember all the planets in their correct order. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Look again. What is it you’re NOT seeing? Lets take a closer look, shall we? Come travel with me to a galaxy far beyond the stars, billions of light years away and see what’s happening on the planet of Niburu.

Lord Utu sits on his balcony staring out across the lush pastures. He can hear the distant noise from the fields beyond. It is music to his ears. He gets great pleasure from knowing his captive slaves from other planets are working hard and amassing him great wealth. Taking a sip from his goblet he contemplates briefly on what to do with his fortune. The problem with having enormous wealth is not how to enjoy it but what to do in the event that it all might be lost. His eyes are drawn upwards and he watches the cargo ships and battle cruisers dart across the skies. The Imperial Spaceships loom into sight and hover over the docking bay waiting permission to land. 

He is prevaricating, putting off the inevitable, but he can’t put it off any longer. Pushing his chair back he makes his way through the Ziggurat past the tall towers and towards the Imperial Hall of Deities.

The retina sensor recognises and acknowledges him as the slim glass doors slide back giving him access. He shuffles like a geisha silently across the room and takes his place in the Treasurer’s Seat. He is last to arrive.

“I thank you for joining us Chancellor”


Nergal the High Priest looks around at the eight Deities and says a silent prayer to be granted patience and tolerance. He is going to need both in abundance knowing that the Gods will be more than displeased once they hear the news. Pulling at the belt on his toga, straightening his laurel wreath crown, clearing his throat, he glances at Lord Utu and nervously announces,

“I’m reliably informed my Lords that we are running low on mineral resources and that our gold stocks are desperately low. As you know my Lords gold is a leading component in generating electricity and the heat from its infrared light is used to power our battle ship defence shields. General Etana informs me that he cannot lead the army without his battleships.”

“Really Nergal, we don’t need a science lesson. I think we are all more than aware that gold is important to us. And General Etana is never satisfied.” Lord Enlil interrupted.

“My Lord our current galactic abstraction and discharge projects simply cannot be sustained without more gold.”

“Is that really such a problem Nergal?” Lord Enlil interrupted again, “It seems inordinately enthusiastic to call a meeting to discuss such a trifling matter. I believe there are enough edicts to cover such a situation without eroding our precious time.”

“I wish it were a mere trifle my Lord but I have word that if we wait until we are due to return to Planet Earth there will be no planet to return to. The human race you created is bent on destruction and there is very little time left before they will have destroyed everything we left them. 99% of all species we created have gone.” Nergal waited patiently while the deities digested what they had heard.

“That must be a misunderstanding, surely? It can not be possible to precipitate such devastation in such a short space of time?” Lord Enki said, suddenly paying attention.

“There’s more. Apart from destroying animals and plants, they have destroyed the forests. They are over hunting, over harvesting, over fishing and polluting rivers and oceans. They have drained most of the planet’s resources, which is causing temperatures to rise and the Ice Mountains to melt. Planet Earth is in a crisis and we must act now.”

Lord Enki thought for a moment and then asked,

“What do you propose we do?”

Nergal shook his head.

“May I ask what the root of the problem is Nergal, therefore allowing my fellow deities and I to conclude a solution?” Lord Marduk smiled benignly at his colleagues. He prided himself on being solution focused.

“My Lord Marduk, the Earth now has a population of nearly 8 billion and it continues to grow.”

Lord Marduk tried unsuccessfully to hide his incredulity,

“We never envisaged they would populate the planet so quickly. Goodness me this is a big problem. Oh dear oh dear.” Lord Marduk sat back in his chair and rubbed his hands through his hair, nudging his laurel wreath to the floor.

“Let’s start a war. That would lose a few million” Lord Ninurta joined the debate excited at the prospect.

“If we leave them to their own devices they will undoubtedly destroy each other at some point. No it’s not a war we need. A war will only cause more damage to the planet and harm the innocent. No we need something more radical. Evermore, you’re very quiet on this matter. After all you know these humans better than of us. What would you recommend?”

Evermore rose to her feet and bowed gracefully, enjoying her moment in the spotlight.

“Thank you Nergal your grace. Its good to know I am recognised as THE subject matter expert. As you know I’ve lived amongst THEM. THEY are a dangerous species and yes THEY will eventually destroy themselves as you rightly say”. She paused as if she were considering what to say next although she knew full well what she intended to recommend. “Humans breed animals ensuring they select only superior strains, as if they know better than you my Lords. The inferior species are removed from breeding, and are sent to the slaughterhouse and sold for meat. This is justified because it’s for human consumption. But they slaughter animal species for fun and sport too. They kill deer, seals, birds, and sharks and the list goes on. They will argue that culling is necessary when they want to reduce over population because biodiversity is threatened” she gave a sarcastic laugh. “The great irony is that the ANIMAL, which most greatly threatens biodiversity, is MAN himself. My Lords its time they took a taste of their own medicine. I think we should cull them, reduce the numbers and give Mother Ea...

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