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from Revealed by Mariam Ali

Chapter 1
The Dream

I could hear my heart beating so loud and fast, I continued to run in a way I had never done before. It felt like I was trying to chase away from someone, not having the slightest clue of where I was headed. Was I scared or anxious? It seemed I was somehow lost in between.

I kept running, and all I could see was a huge, vast desert. I looked behind, and I saw no one. What was I trying to escape? All I felt was confusion, until I saw what looked like a well. I came closer, but it was empty. It was as dry as my soul. Empty, and void. I shifted my gaze to the horizon; it was so close that I almost touched it with my bare hands. I struggled to reach out for the near sky, but failed.

At this moment, I opened my eyes and realized it was only a dream. For the past couple of weeks, it would always find its way back to my sleep. Why do I keep having the same dream? What is my mind trying to tell me?

I got out of bed, drew the curtains open, allowing little sunshine to crawl into the room. I sat on my bed for a while, only having one thought inside my head… the recurring dream. I grabbed my cell phone, and found myself calling my doctor friend. I have to tell her about this. It keeps coming back. She might have an explanation. She finally picks up.

"Hey Sara, what's up? What woke you up so early? It is only seven, and it is Saturday."

"I know! I really hate it when I wake up early on weekends too. But, you see I had this strange dream. In fact, I have been having it for over two weeks. I wanted to talk to you. When are you free?"

"We can meet this afternoon if you want. I have patients to see today. Maybe we can meet after my appointments, say four o'clock at our regular coffeehouse, 'the coffee room'?"

" That sounds fine by me. See you then, bye!"


It is three o'clock. I must get ready. This is the worst thing about living in a city. You always have to expect heavy traffic at almost every hour of the day. I settle for my regular black V top and dark blue jeans. I match them with my favorite silver, butterfly shaped necklace. I got it off the money I had from selling my engagement ring, in one of my attempts to let go and recover from the experience. I never heard from him ever since we had broken off the engagement. It has been two years, bu...

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